Farmers favored inflation because it would a. increase crop prices.
b. lower the price of manufactured goods.
c. lower the cost of farm machinery.
d. increase their debt.


Answer 1
Answer: D- inflation would not increase the farmers debt, but (unless the debt is adjusted for inflation) the debt would decrease - this is not a correct answer.

Inflation is the decrease of the value of money (but the value of objects and services stays the same - it increases with the respect to the value of the money. Because of this neither the manufactured goods nor the farm machinery would be cheaper- but the  increase of crop prizes would take place (so answer a), and that's why farmers favour it.
Answer 2


The answer would be A.


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What was the underlying cause of the Cold War?


It was the fact that world super powers at the time (U.S) and (U.S.S.R) where building up an armory of nukes but they both knew if they where to use these weapons it would utterly destroy the world.
Here's a memory aid: (U.S): hey Russia lets not kill each other with nukes in this war lets just keep it "COOL" and spy on each other instead 

24 Socialism was a reaction against

A. the inequality between owners and workers.

B. the replacement of agriculture by industry.

C. the growing importance of international trade.

D. the establishment of republics with constitutions.



Socialism is a reaction against the A. in equal power between the worker and an employer.


The socialism is a political theory which is mainly based on the ownership and the self-employment. It deals with the social and the economic systems. According to this theory, the ownership can be collective, public, or cooperative.  

This began during the French Revolution. The socialism lead to many theories such as economic democracy, socialist calculation debate, and so on. Karl Marx, German sociologist played a wide role in socialism.


How would you describe mussolini as depicted by the reporter from the new york times


Answer with Explanation

An accumulation of extensive copper emblems made for one of Mussolini's foremost Fascist sanctums in Rome and missing since American troops involved the Italian capital in World War II has become exposed at a steers farm here in southwestern Missouri.

Jay H. Anderson, who works the 800-section of land farm close to the Kansas fringe, said his dad, a noteworthy in the United States Army who passed on in 1976, said that he had expelled nine emblems from a marble map in favor of a building when his unit, some portion of the 45th Infantry Division, ended up one of the first to involve Rome in June 1944. Maj. James H. Anderson at that point sent the emblems to his home in Kansas City, his child said.

After his dad's demise, Mr. Anderson clarified, he isolated the emblems with his sister, Nancy Ekern, who lives in Mexico, and he and his sister have been utilizing them, ignorant of their hugeness, to enrich their homes. Mr. Anderson said that his dad had revealed to him that he had inquired as to whether he could have the emblems, and the officer had stated: ''Yeah, on the off chance that you need them, get them!''


What do American highways giver to the American spirit?


The American Spirit has always been about opportunities, optimism, exploration and freedom.

Since Europeans landed on the shores of the 'New World' the dream was explore the land, move west, make money, live freely, and have a better life.

When the United States completed the Inter-state highway project, it was a new era in the connectivity of the States from the Pacific to the Atlantic. 

It was a historical moment, one, only seen before with the trans-Atlantic railway system.

The American highways are a symbol of the American dream of moving through the continent, exploring the country, freedom to go anywhere and make a better life.

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