Which fraction is greater than 1/2? 3/8, 1/4, 4/10, 3/5


Answer 1
Answer: The fraction 3/5 is greater then  1/2
Answer 2
3/5 is greater than 1/2 because 1/2=0.5 and if you convert the rest of the fractions into decimals, it's going to be smaller than 0.5.

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Elliot has been running a lawn care business since 2000. He cuts grass, trims, and weed whacks yards for his customers throughout the season. Each year, he has increased his fee by the same amount. The table shows what Elliot charged each customer for two given years of his business: Year Lawn Care Fee
2000 $750
2010 $1350

A. What is the rate of change and initial value for Elliot’s business? How do you know?
B. Write an equation in slope-intercept form to represent the fees that Elliot charges each year.

I only need help with part A.


For part A, we need to find the rate of change and initial values for Elliot's business. Because it states that Elliot started his business in 2000, we can use that for the initial value, meaning that on our graph, instead of starting at 2000, we can just start at 0. And for the rate of change, all we have to do is use the information given to set up the slope equation, which is (y2-y1)/(x2-x1). Because we know that the independent values usually go on the x-axis, we know that the years will be our x values, leaving the prices to be our y values. To set up the equation, we should have (1350-750)/(2010-2000), which should simplify to 600/10, which further simplifies to 60. This will be our slope! 

Carrie has 140 coins she has 10 times as much as she had last month how many coins did Carrie have last month


Last month Carrie had 14 coins such that she has 10 times 140.

What is the arithmetic operator?

Arithmetic operators are four basic mathematical operations in which summation, subtraction, division, and multiplication involve.,

Division = divide any two numbers or variable called division.

For example 4/8

Let's say last month Carrie has x number of coins.

Since 140 is 10 times x


10x = 140

x = 140/10 = 14 coins.

Hence " Last month Carrie had 14 coins such that she has 10 times 140".

To learn more about the arithmetic operators,


140 divided by 10 is 14. she had 14 coins

Line perpendicular to the line that goes through (0,0) and (3,2)


Since the first line passes thru the origin, you can read off its slope from the coordinates of the other point (3,2):  the slope is m = 2/3.

A line perpendicular to the first has slope -3/2, the negative reciprocal of 2/3.

Thus, the perpendicular line is    y = (-3/2)x + b.  Subbing 0 for y and 0 for x, we get b = 0.  Therefore, the equation of this new line is y = (-3/2)x.


A rectangular shipping container has a volume of 2500 cubic cm. The container is 4 times as wide as it is deep, and 5cm taller than it is wide. What are the dimensions of the contaner?


X = depth
4x = width
4х+5 = height

We got one solution x=5. Let's find the measurements of the container:

depth = x = 5 cm
width = 4x = 4*5 = 20 cm
height = 4x+5 = 4*5+5 = 25 cm
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