What evidence showed Mendel that traits are determined by superset alleles?


Answer 1
Answer: When he was working with the pea plants he discovered that certain traits are dominant and others recessive (pea plant traits skipped generations and reappeared). That meant that different alleles for each trait had to be present in order for them to differ.

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This organism uses___to feed and move through its environment A) cilia
B) flagella
C) gulleta
D) mitochondria


It is true that the flagella also helps an organism move through it’s environment, but it does not help it feed.
The cilia help an organism move through it’s environment, and they help push the food into the organism’s gullet. Cilia are like little hairs all around the organism.
The correct answer is A.


A. Cilia

Explanation: If you are on USATP (USA Test Prep), this is the correct answer!


A forest fire is an example of ________ regulation. density-dependent


The correct answer is B. Density-independent


In biology, regulation occurs as there are factors that influence the number of individuals of a species as well as the fertility or death rate of it. In the case of density-independent regulation, this describes factors that are not linked to the population density of a species but instead can affect populations of all sizes this includes weather conditions and natural disasters including fires. This differs from density-dependent regulation that occurs depending on the population such as predation, certain diseases or predation. Considering this, it can be concluded a forest fire is an example of density-independent regulation because it regulates the size of the population by increasing death rate but does not depend directly on the population.


Describe three ways in which science benefits society.


Science benefits society because of...

1) Without Science we mainly would not know the functions of our own bodies and how things work, and what we reject.

2) We would not be able to formulate cures for our diseases or sicknesses because of the lack of knowledge of the body.

3) We would not know the pure ethics of nature and how it works, who it feeds, and what it does.

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Without science we would not know how things work

Which situation occurs when drugs cross the placenta during pregnancy?


Use of drugs during pregnancy should be made after a medical advice only. Some drugs are good to be taken during pregnancy while some should be strictly avoided. Thus, it is always advisable to take an advice from the doctor before consuming any drug.

Use of drug during pregnancy is avoided because drugs cross the placenta and reach the fetus. This can lead to serious implications such as
1. abnormal development of the fetus
2. underdeveloped or underweight babies
3. babies with drug dependency

Babies may be born with a drug dependency.

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