My father’s 1969 Volkswagen beetle. Which element is necessary to complete the sentence above? subject predicate subordinate clause independent clause


Answer 1
Answer: The element that is necessary to complete the sentence above would be a "subordinate clause" since without this we are not getting enough information. 
Answer 2


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What is the independent clause in the following sentence? Because the shirt had a tear, we returned it. Because the shirt had a tear, tear, we returned it. we returned it. the shirt had a tear,


The independent clause in the sentence is "we returned it." This is the answer because if you say the sentence alone it makes since and it does not need another sentence to support it. Furthermore, the dependent clause in that sentence is "Because the shirt had a tear,". This does not express a reasoning for the shirt having a tear. But, "we returned it", has a subject and a verb. "we" is the subject, and the action of returning is the verb. I hope this has been helpful. : )


we returned it.




How do you revision a journal


You go over it, and change any mistakes

Picture what goes on in your head and make sure it make sense!
This is how I do it hope it helps !

Give an example of a colleague relationship (from work or school) that you want to improve. For example, a teammate, a classmate, a club colleague, coworker, or teacher that you want to have a more positive relationship with. What can you do to improve this relationship?


"Answer should include a specific colleague relationship listed. Ways to improve the relationship can include any of the following or variation of any of the following: make an effort to make a positive impression, be easy to get along with, avoid drama, be flexible, compromise, be more hard-working, be honest, listen better, follow directions/instructions, communicate respectfully with people in authority, treat coworkers and subordinates respectfully and kindly, etc."


An example response:

I would like to improve my working relationship with one of my fellow workers, Tom. To improve our relationship, I will make an effort to make a more positive impression, be an active listener, offer to help with tasks, and show my support for his work.



Models are used to save time, money and lives. True or False.


Models are used to save time, money and lives yes it is true
because using them one time can be saved and money can be saved and earned and people lives can be saved
so the above statement is True


Models are used to save time, money and lives.



Models are prototypes or replicas of an idea. A model is supposed to represent an object or the proposal of an idea. Models are built to study an idea and understand how the idea functions, its level efficiency, its safety,  security and costs under pre-determined working situations.

A model undergoes laboratory, research studies and tests before the real idea is constructed or implemented. Examples are the model of a proposed multi-storied glass and steel building or a long-distance suspended steel truss bridge  or an automated robot for an automobile plant or factory.  

Models can be expensive to construct but never as expensive as having the real and final idea implemented.  The construction of models also prevents lives from been lost as possible accidents caused by human erros and mechanical errors are corrected before the final production stage.

For example, the construction of the model of a space aircraft is very expensive to finance. Its takes many years of research and laboratory tests, the collaboration a number of renowned  professionals in the space and navigation field,  huge amount of investments and further research to arrive at a reasonable and logical solution. Therefore, as part of the research and testing stage, a prototype is built, it´s mechanism, space worthiness and safety are first ascertained before investing in the real aircraft. This saves lives, money and time as all vary aspects of safety and security are corrected before the final airship is built.

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