Zane is known for having excellent judgement. He’s resourceful and has great interpersonal skills. He also likes to negotiate and enjoys working out. Which career would allow him to use these skills, talents, and abilities the most? Speech-language pathologist
Military Intelligence Officer
Middle School Teacher
Corrections Officer


Answer 1

The answer is "Corrections Officer".

Corrections Officers are in charge of the consideration, authority, and control of people who have been captured and are anticipating preliminary while on remand or who have been indicted for a wrongdoing and condemned to serve time in a jail. They are additionally in charge of the safety and security of the office itself. Most officers are utilized by the legislature of the purview in which they work, however some are utilized by privately owned businesses.

Answer 2
Answer: I believe he'd be best as a Corrections officer! not quite a military intelligence officer because they're more intense - but just enough to have those basic skill sets! (:

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G Which of the following methods does U.S. tax law always require to be used in pricing intercompany transfers of tangible property? Multiple Choice a.Comparable uncontrolled price method.
b. Comparable profits method.
c.Cost-plus method. Best method.



The correct answer is D. Best method.


As a result of the BEPS Action Plan, as well as the Report on Actions 8 through 10 called “Ensure that the results of transfer prices are in line with the creation of value,” some considerations on the application of the CUP to transactions involving raw materials, commodities or commodities. These considerations were included in the 2017 update of the OECD Guidelines. In this sense, the update of the guidelines apart from establishing certain recommendations for their application, confirms that the CUP is generally the most appropriate method to establish the price of free competition in the transfer of commodities.

Despite the observed evolution of the OECD Guidelines in relation to traditional transactional methods, the increasing integration of multinational companies has made the identification of comparable transactions more difficult, making the application of these methods less common and opening the door to the application of methods based on profitability, without detriment of carrying out the due process of evaluation of the method that best applies to the analysis of the specific taxpayer transaction.


When you create a work, you must apply for protection of that work by copyright and only then do you have exclusive rights to its distribution, modification, and sale?


That's how copyrighted things work yes

The 12/31/2018 balance sheet of Despot Inc. included the following: Common stock, 25 million shares at $20 par 500 million 3,000 million 980 million Paid-in capital-excess of par Retained earnings In January 2018, Despot recorded a transaction with this journal entry: Cash 150 million Common stock Paid-in capital-excess of par 100 million 50 million Despot declared a property dividend to give marketable equity securities to its common stockholders. The securities had cost Despot $7 million and currently have a fair value of $16 million. Which of the following would be included in recording the property dividend declaration? a. Increase in a liability for $16 million. b. Decrease in retained earnings for $7 million. c. Decrease in marketable securities by $16 million. d. All of these answer choices are correct. 6. The shareholders' equity of Green Corporation includes $200,000 of $1 par common stock and $400,000 par of6% cumulative preferred stock. The board of directors of Green declared cash dividends of s50,000 in 2018 after paying $20,000 cash dividends in each of 2017 and 2016. What is the amount of dividends common shareholders will receive in 2018? a. $18,000 b. $22,000 c. $28,000. d. $32,000. 9. Olsson Corporation received a check from its new issue of share for for the issue per share. Which is the correct entry to record the issue of A) Debit Cash 72,000,000 Credit Stock issue expense Credit Stock contract receivable ot one million of its $5 par stock that the underwriters expect to sell the stock? 20,000,000 52,000,000 B) Debit Cash 72,000,000 Credit Deferred stock issue revenue Credit Common stock Credit Paid-in capital-excess of par 20,000,000 5,000,000 47,000,000 C) Debit Cash 72,000,000 Credit Common stock 72,000,000 D) Debit Cash 72,000,000 Credit Common stock Credit Paid-in capital-excess of par 5,000,000 67,000,000


Answer:All of these answer choices are correct.

The increase in liability of $16m which is a credit entry is the double entry for the C choice of the answer. Also the reduction in retained earnings of $7 which is a debit entry is the double entry for the cost of security of $7m

2. B. $18,000

The preference stock dividend is cummulative which means dividend not paid in the year will paid in the following year.

The total dividend for preference shareholders should be $72,000 for 2016 to 2018 and having only received $40,000 leaves them with a balance of $32,000 and subtracting this from the $ 50,000 declared in 2018 leaves a balance of $18,000 for common stock holders.

3. Debit cash $72,000 and credit common stock $72,000

The stock was issued in par and this is the par value.


Both normal and special cause variation add to project cost and need to be considered by project managers. Group of answer choicesTrue/False





İf we considering these costs, we will observe that these gonna help managers to be able to prevent the project cost over run and also negative variances being created during project implementation takes place.

Common causes and special causes are two different types of origin of variation in a process, as defined in the thinking and statistical methods , common cause is the usual, historical, quantifiable variation in a system, while special causes are unusual, previously unobserved, non-quantifiable variations.  The distinction is fundamental in the philosophy of statistics and the philosophy of probability, with different treatments of these subjects being a classic problem of the interpretations of probability, this was recognized and discussed as early as in 1703 by Gottfried Leibniz; notwithstanding several alternative names have been used over the years.

The variation of common cause is characterized by:

-Phenomenon constantly active inside the system;

-Probably predictable variation;

-Irregular variation within a historical experience base; Y

-Carence of significance of individual high or low values.

The variation of special cause is characterized by:

-New phenomenon, without anticipating, emerging or previously ignored within the system;

-Inherently unpredictable variation, even probabilistically;

-Variation outside the base of historical experience; Y

-Evidence of some inherent change in the system or our knowledge of it.

-The variation of special cause always comes as a surprise. It is the signal from inside the system.

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