How would a tariff benefit the American economy?


Answer 1
Answer: A tariff on imported goods can lead to lower un employment through increased consumption pf domestic production.
Answer 2
Answer: A tariff would make it cost more to import goods making the production of goods nationally more beneficial creating more jobs and lowering the cost of domestic goods

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Even though Reaganomics worked for the most part, what two things caused the Federal deficit to soar? bailing out savings and loan companies too many people unable to pay high taxes huge growth in defense spending too many Federal government regulations


"huge growth in defense spending" and "bailing out savings and loan companies" were responsible for a dramatic growth in government debt. The war spending had to do mostly with the Cold War.


  • Huge growth in defense spending
  • Bailing out savings and loan companies


These regulations stopped the Federal deficit to soar, a second economic depression and recession from happening.


According to the establishment clause, how would a historical society’s posting of the Ten Commandments along with the history of religion and its beliefs and practices be viewed?


I believe the answer is: The posting would not be in violation of the clause because there is a learning purpose to the items

Establishment clause banned the government officials to create a legislation that force citizens to respect a certain type of religious establishment. Ten commandments was made as basic rule of life for Christians.

Only posting the teachings could not be considered as the government 'forcing'the citizens to obey it, unless they made a legal punishment for the people who disobey them.


What were the three outstanding events in 1619 that had a great influence on the colonies? Representative government came to America. The first slaves were brought to America. The first governor was elected. The London Company sent women to America. John Rolfe developed a money crop--tobacco.


The three outstanding events that took place in 1619 were the following:

  1. The first slaves were brought to America. The first 19 black men arrived in 1619, brought by Dutchmen, close to Jamestown, Virgina. This was simply the beginning of slavery as a two century "institution" in America.
  2. The London Company sent women to America (to Jamestown) to become wives of the inhabitants (planters). It was a mechanism to turn settlements there more permanent by making these men happier.
  3. Representative government came to America. The so-called General Assembly of the colony of Virginia took place in 1619 and was the first representative assembly in English America. The first reunion was at Jamestown church on the 4th August. Virgina Company's regulations were adopted and some laws enacted.

Representative government came to America.

The first slaves were brought to America.

The London Company sent women to America.


Solar energy that has been absorbed by the atmosphere is transported around the Earth by a. currents and winds.
b. clouds and the atmosphere.
c. radiation in the atmosphere.
d. reflection of the atmosphere.


A. currents and winds.

 the equatorial regions receive sun rays closest to the vertical (direct rays) because of their position relative to the equator where the tilting of the earth only mildly affects the climate. The climate along the equator  changes very little through out the year and has summer like conditions for  most of the year.However the other regions may receive direct sun rays but for far more limited periods.  In the months of July and August (summer months), the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun and receives the most  direct  rays. The opposite occurs in December and January when it is tilted away from the sun and thus winter sets in, whereas the southern hemisphere is at this time tilted toward the sun and receives the most direct sun rays.
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