Pick 2 answers! Rice and indigo were the staple crops grown on many Carolina plantations. What two staple crops were grown on other Southern plantations?



Answer 1
Answer: Hemp and Wheat were grown on other Southern plantations

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Many say, “Those people who murdered all the millions of Jews during the Holocaust had to be insane!” Discuss why that statement is not really true


The statement is not true because of numerous reasons. The first being that most of the people that were performing the genocide were not insane at all. The second, bigger reason is that the German people actually thought that they are doing the right thing in order to secure themselves a better future.

To explain the second one more specifically. The social-nationalist party that was in charge of Germany in this period, with the infamous Adolf Hitler as its leader, managed to use the poverty and the terrible conditions in the country to convince the people that someone else is to blame for that. The someone else were actually the Jewish people. Hitler convinced the Germans that the Jews are holding most of the money in the country, they do not support the society, do not support the development of the country, are very greedy, and that they are the ones that stop the progress of the country. The Germans were in such a terrible state that in the eyes of the ordinary people it seemed logical to be it that, especially because big portion of the Jews had their own businesses. The Germans actually thought that they are destroying the people that hurt their country and their well being, not realizing that they have actually supported another greater evil.


Please hurry! - List three things President Roosevelt’s New Deal did for 1940’s America.


Reform of Wall Street, relief for farmers and unemployed, social security and political power shifts to democratic.

What actions by andrew jackson prompted charges of tyranny and led to the growth of the whig party?


The actions that Andrew Jackson did that prompted charges of tyranny and led to the growth of the whig party were Jackson having congress pass The Force act of 1833 allowing him to use the army and navy to collect taxes which the whig party felt was tyrannical. Andrew Jackson another action was vetoing the second bank of America's proposal to extend the charter for twenty more years, Jackson claimed that he did it to protect the democracy, Jackson thought that the bank would use their money to oppose Jackson's reelection so he vetoed the bill and the people but the Whigs thought that the congress not the president represented the people and the veto should only be used in drastic circumstances.

Like the Sui dynasty, the Song dynasty a. lasted only a few years. b. was marked by great bloodshed. c. reunified China, ending a period of conflict between separate kingdoms. d. was a period of few cultural accomplishments.


The answer is c reinfied china ending a period of conflict.....

Answer: C

Explanation. :D

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