Which sentence uses a verb that agrees with its subject? A. The trees on the hill near the edge of the city was on fire. B. The animals on our farm wakes at 5 a.m. C. Our tour of the museums was very interesting. D. A new movie by Steven Spielberg, the director of many blockbusters, open in theaters Friday.


Answer 1
Answer: I thought and I thought that the answer is c
Answer 2
Answer: I think that C. Our tour of the museums was very interesting is correct

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Assignment - 9. To Kill a Mockingbird: Tracing Themes - Chapters 2-3
Attempt 1 of 2
Which conflict best describes the theme of Scout's first days at school?
the rules vs. the ways of Maycomb
o the Ewells vs. the Cunninghams
boys vs. girls
O country people vs. town people


The Ewells vs the Cunninghams

Why is Athena appealing to zeus to help Odysseus?​


Athena interferes with Odysseus whenever it serves her interests to do so. During the war, she interfered with him so that 'her side' would win, and the city of Troy would be made an example of- the entire population wiped out or enslaved. ... Athena later allies with Hera and Poseidon to overthrow Zeus.

Which of the following types of words must be capitalized? a The first and last word of every sentence
b First, last, and main words in a book title
c All pronouns that are used in dialogue
d I, only at the beginning of a sentence

Which of the following sentences contains a capitalization error?

a We rented a beach tent so we could rest out of the sun.
b The ice cream truck didn't stop by my house this week.
c Nadia wished that i had not missed her birthday party.
d Soon the tide will come in and all of us can try surfing.


The answer to the first question is B.) First, last, and main words in a book title.  The answer to the second question is C.) Nadia wished that i had not missed her birthday party. (I should be capitalized; it is the only pronoun that is always capitalized).  

Hope this helps.
For the second half =

C; the I is not capitalized.

Though we’d tried for days, we couldn’t find enough people to sign up for the pledge drive. So Anita made posters in an attempt to recruit more volunteers. Which words from the sentences give a clue to the meaning of recruit?

We’d tried
Made posters
Enough people
Sign up


Accordingly it should be signup cause recruit meansenlist (someone) in the armed forces."we recruit our toughest soldiers from the desert tribes" or in easy word recruit mean who is a higher position or at a higher level


sign up


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