Why did cieza de leon admire the inca road system


Answer 1
Answer: I think he admired the Inca road system because the Inca was known as the largest earliest civilization and it had uses for the runners, aka messangers, to send well messages back and forth to people funny we just finished this unit but I have a TON of notes on the Inca, Maya, and Aztec, so if you need help, I'm right here!
Answer 2


he two conclusions that can be made are 1) The Inca were a self-sufficient and hardworking group of people and 4) The Inca government provided for its people during times of need.


Spanish conquistador Pedro de Cieza de León (c. 1520-1554) chronicled Peru and the Incas in a very comprehensive work titled Crónicas del Perú. In this excerpt he is pointing out, on the one hand, that the Incas worked, without exception, and they worked hard, and didn't live at the expense of others, so it is possible to conclude that they were hardworking and self-sufficient. On the other hand, he is also indicating that when a worker was sick, he received his sustenance "from the storehouses," which implies that there existed some sort of public welfare program that provided for those in need. There is reference neither to the brutal methods of the Inca rulers when dealing with troublemakers nor to the way the Incas treated guests and strangers, but the text does reveal that only the rulers and the headmen could dress differently and with ostentation, if they wished, but not the commoners.      

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Which of these BEST describes a reason that people give for refusing to participate in political matters? A) voting process too costly
B) no advance warning of elections
C) election dates are unpredictable
D) voting for candidates does not matter


D is the right answer

D is the correct answer


There is a public debate between the three candidates for U.S. Senate. During the debate, the topics of oil and energy are addressed. Each candidate expressed their view on the issue: Edgar Eisenhower: "We need to cut our dependence on foreign oil. Instead, let's use the natural world around us. Think about the sun, wind, water, the heat of the earth, and the crops in our fields. These will make for affordable energy in the 21st century. We should fund research in those areas. Let us also increase tax credits for private investment in clean, renewable sources of energy." Rebecca Roosevelt: "We need to cut our dependence on foreign oil and develop a national energy strategy. We should provide tax incentives for producing energy in the U.S. Let's increase U.S. supplies of coal, oil, and natural gas. We should promote environmentally responsible exploration and development of oil and gas reserves. That includes federal land like Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge. Let's also advance clean coal technology." Terrance Taft: "Looking at our energy supply is one thing—how we're using it is another. We can drive smaller, more fuel efficient cars. We can invest in more efficient technology for our homes and businesses. These things add up and make a big difference. In fact, in several new buildings associated with Taft Inc., we address our energy needs with locally produced renewable energy. That wouldn't be possible if we were using outdated, energy guzzling technology." Some voters care deeply about finding alternative fuels to replace traditional energy sources like oil and coal. Which candidates would those voters most likely support?


Candidate that would be supported by voters is Rebecca Roosevelt.

What is the Topic of the debate?

The topic of the debate is Oil and Energy. All the three candidates are sharing there views on the topic.

Edgar Eisenhower and Rebecca Roosevelt both wanted to reduce the dependence of oil and energy from the other country. But they both differ in the manner that one wants to go green whereas other wants to develop the natural resources.

Therefore the argument of the Rebecca Roosevelt is correct. The voters will support to Rebecca Roosevelt.

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she would likely support Rebecca Roosevelt


i took the test and got it right.


Which motivation would McClelland say was the major need driving Blake Mycoskie to continue to work so hard despite being worth millions of dollars?


Answer: ACHIEVEMENT method of motivation.

Explanation: McClelland Achievement theory explains that an individual has three main motivators. They are, the need for; power, achievement and affiliation.

An individual that continues to work so hard despite being worth millions of dollars is likely to be driven by the ACHIEVEMENT factor of motivation.

The Achievement method of motivation illustrates the relationship between an individual's distinguishing feature and their need to succeed.


Name 15 U.S. states and their capitals.


1Alabama Montgomery
2Alaska Juneau
3Arizona Phoenix
4Arkansas Little Rock
5California Sacramento
6Colorado Denver
7Connecticut Hartford
8Delaware Dover
9Florida Tallahassee
10Georgia Atlanta
11Hawaii Honolulu
12Idaho BoiseI
13Illinois Springfield
14Indiana Indianapolis
15Iowa  Des Moines

1. Arizona capital Phoenix 2. Ohio capital Columbus 3. Georgia Capital Atalanta 4. Massachusetts capital Boston 5. Mississippi capital Jackson 6. Missouri capital Jefferson City 7. Tennessee capital Nashville 8. Texas capital Austin 9. Utah capital Salt Lake City 10. Nevada capital Carson city York capital Albany 12. Arkansas Capital little rock 13. Nebraska capital Lincoln 14. Oklahoma capital Oklahoma City 15. Wisconsin capital Madison
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