How long it take for the israelites to reach the promise land


Answer 1
Answer: It took them 40 long years
Answer 2
Answer: Consider this: The Bible says there was an estimated 1.5 million people who came out of Egypt. God delivered them from slavery and led them on the journey to their Promised Land, a place described as flowing with milk and honey. The trip should have taken just 11 days; instead it took them 40 years!

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Compared to other European nations, why did it take France the longest to recover from the Great Depression?


The great depression affected France from 1931 and it lasted for about ten years. The depression had great effects on France's economy, the unemployment rate was very high and a lot of economical crises was activated by the depression. Because of the severity of the impacts of the great depression, it took France time to recover from the depression. 

Why did west virginia break away from the rest of virginia?


West Virginia broke away from the rest of Virginia because West Virginia began the Secessionist Convention. It was a key Civil War border state.


Imagine you strongly support a certain bill. You want it passed into law. Which of the following actions is the most powerful way for you to support that effort? Directly contact lawmakers who will vote on the bill. Directly contact the media about creating an ad for the bill. Indirectly lobby interest groups to ask for their support. Indirectly lobby the public through letters to the editor.


I believe the answer is the last option but I would argue this question is too subjective based that these options effectiveness could change based on how persistent you are and who is receiving your actions. 

It's A.  Just took the quiz and got it wrong so I see the correct answer now.


Why were Japanese Americans placed in internment camps during world war2



Americans did not think that Japanese Americans would fight alongside them and end up fighting with the Japanese and not against them. They had Japanese and American heritage and did not know which side they would stay true to. The internment camps provided a place which the Japanese were placed to avoid any signs of disloyalty which could be displayed to which the Americans could not risk.

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