In the mid-1863, the Union gained control of the entire length of the Mississippi River. What strategic advantage did this give the Union?


Answer 1

The victory of the battle of Vicksburg was the main point of the Civil War and was a major win for the Union. With the win, the Union took control of the Mississippi River and at the same time, split the south in two parts, making communication even harder. Controlling the river made it easier for the Union to attack the Confederacy supplies.

Answer 2
Answer: The main form of transportation through North America is the Mississippi River.

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Describe the significance of the Tanzimat reforms, the constitutional movement, and the revolution of 1908-9 to late Ottoman history and the reactions to these historical developments.


The Tanzimat Reforms was the second attempt in the nineteenth century to modernize the government, military, trade, law and society in the Ottoman Empire. The overall goal of these reforms was to have the country catch up with the development reached by European countries in the last couple of centuries. However, the ulema, or religious establishment of the Ottoman Empire objected top these reforms on the basis of their 'infidel' origin.

Even though the Tanzimat reforms were welcomed by the Ottoman society, further political changes were required, such as the the issuing of a constitution and the creation of a parliament to share the political power with the monarchy. The sultan felt the reforms were going too fast and too far, while different groups within the Ottoman society, such as the Young Turks, felt that more was needed and quickly.

As more and more politicians opposing the monarchy became members of the parliament, constituting an effective political opposition counterbalancing the sultan's authority, the sultan ordered its suspension in 1908 leading to the Young Turk Revolution. The next year, the parliament was restored and the basis for the abolition of the monarchy was laid down as local government administrations, which had effectively rejected reforms to a great extent, were mostly replaced by reformist administrations.


What was the main reason for interracial marriages in the New World? The encomienda system required the Spanish settlers to marry indigenous women.
The Spanish missionaries believed interracial marriages would help spread Christianity.
Most of the Spanish immigrants were male, so many of them married indigenous women.
The male settlers found the women of the indigenous tribes much more considerate.


The correct answer is C) Most of the Spanish immigrants were male, so many of them married indigenous women.

The main reason for interracial marriages in the New World was because most of the Spanish immigrants were male, so many of them married indigenous women.

When Spanish men married American Indian women, the baby had the genes of both races. This newborn baby race was called the "Mestizos."  This represented the cultural amalgamation or combination of two races from different continents: The white Spanish and the brown Indians. For instance, in the case of Mexico, the Mexican race precisely is the true combination of these two races. The Catholic Church supported interracial marriages.

C most of the spanish immigrants were male

What was the significance of the D-day invasion? It gave the Allied forces control over Italy.
It brought the United States into World War II.
It gave the Allied forced entry into France .
It allowed American bombers to reach Japan.


It gave Allies forced entry into France.  It began on June 6, 1944 and were American, British and Canadian troops landed on the beaches of Normandy while some of the soldiers entered France by parachuting behind enemy lines.  They landed on Normandy beach which they divided into five sectors:  Utaha, Omaha, Juno, Gold and Sword beach.  The allies landed under heavy fire and many were killed as they did their make on the beach.  Omaha beach had the most casualties while Juno, Sword and Gold were able to clear the Germans out of the nearby towns. Gold beach also destroyed two important gun displacements using specialized tanks.  Some objectives were not accomplished on the first day as the Germans still hold Carentan,St. Lo, and Bayeux until July 21 and all five beachheads were not able to unite. Causalities  of the Allies were 10,000 and 4,414 were killed while the Germans lost 100 men.

Correct answer:  It gave the Allied forces entry into France.

Further detail:

The Germans knew that the Allies were planning an advance into France to try to retake the Western front in World War II.  The Allies used various forms of deception under "Operation Fortitude" to get the Germans to think they were getting ready to invade in the Pas-de-Calais region in northern France, keeping their actual plans to invade at the beaches of Normandy (in northwest France) a top secret.  Troops landed at five sites along the Normandy beaches in the famous "D-Day" invasion of 1944.


What technologies and advancements did the Phoenicians make?


One advancement was the creation of the alphabet (Which most of the current alphabets are based on.)
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