Which event is described in this excerpt from Book 13 of Homer's Odyssey? She spake, then touch'd him with her powerful wand:
The skin shrunk up, and wither'd at her hand;
A swift old age o'er all his members spread;
A sudden frost was sprinkled on his head;
Nor longer in the heavy eye-ball shined
The glance divine, forth-beaming from the mind.
His robe, which spots indelible besmear,
In rags dishonest flutters with the air:
A stag's torn hide is lapp'd around his reins;
A rugged staff his trembling hand sustains;
And at his side a wretched scrip was hung,
Wide-patch'd, and knotted to a twisted thong.
So looked the chief, so moved: to mortal eyes
Object uncouth! a man of miseries!

1. Minerva hides Ulysses in a gray mist.
2. Minerva gives Ulysses a divine appearance.
3. Minerva disguises Ulysses as an old beggar.
4. Minerva disguises Ulysses as a shepherd.


Answer 1
Answer: The best and the correct answer among the choices provided by the question is the third choice or number 3.

The event that is described in the excerpt from Book 13 of Homer's Odyssey is when Minerva disguises Ulysses as an old beggar.

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During the korean war.
Homework Help > CranesWhat is the setting of the story "Cranes" and when and where do the events take place? 
This story takes place in Korea and is set during the Korean War. The war began in 1950 and ended in 1953. At the end of World War II, in 1945, the Soviet Union took control of Korea north of the 38th parallel. In this post-World War II period between 1945 and 1948, the United States occupied Korea south of the 38th parallel. This led to the establishment of two governments: one in the north and one in the south. Note that at the beginning of the story, the narrator adds that the setting is in a village just north of the 38th parallel. This is the division between North and South Korea. 

An extended metaphor is _____.


The answer would be, "Figurative language that uses several sentences or paragraphs to compare one thing to another".
An extended metaphor is a metaphor that refers to a comparison between two unlike things that continues throughout a series of sentences in a paragraph, poem, or lines.

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Identify the group of words in the parentheses: Tourists visit the city to see its museums and palaces, (along with) its bazaars.

a. adjective
b. adverb
c. compound preposition
d. preposition


Its a Compound Preposition

Jefferson believed that freedom of religion and an individual’s human rights are _____. Select all that apply. irrevocable

subject to change

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both of the answers are correct


subject to change and contridictory to one another


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