Does chicken have more protein then carrots


Answer 1
Answer: The answer to this question would be: True

Chicken should have more protein than carrots. In general, animal/dairy product will have more protein than plants/agricultural product. Plants mostly giving carbohydrate. Protein is mostly found in the muscle of an animal, fat is on the skin or organ of an animal. You can found some protein on plants product but the amount is smaller and the quality is less than animal proteins. That is why vegan will be at risk for protein deficiency.

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The distance a softball is pitched from the mound to the batter is  40 ft.

Softball is a more similar and simpler version than baseball, very popular in the USA and is usually played outdoors, but is often played on the court. Softball is a sport included in Olympic games and Pan American games, where it is played only by women.

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For youth it's 35 feet for older its 40 feet
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