Convert 81 kilometers to how many centimeters


Answer 1
Answer: 81 kilometers = 8,100,000 centimeters 
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Pencils are packed 10 to a box.  A classroom carton has 10 boxes.  Lee needs to buy 370 pencils. A.  How many boxes does lee need to purchase? Use place value to justify your response.

B.  Lee finds out that it is cheaper to buy pencils in cartons.  How many cartons should he purchase?  Use place value to justify your response.


Hi- I'm not sure what they mean by place value. But hopefully this helps.

A: Lee needs 370 pencils and wants to buy them by the box. There are 10 in a box so we need to divide 370 by 10.
370/10= 37

So he would need to buy 37 boxes

B: A carton has 10 boxes and each box has 10 pencils so first we need to find out how many pencils are in a carton:


To get 370 pencils, Lee would have to buy 4 cartons totaling 400 pencils


it took 700 kilograms of potassium to make 49000 kilograms of a new fertilizer how many kilograms of other components did jared have to use to make 42000 kilograms of new fertilizer


I believe the answer is 6

Let q(x)=8x-7 what is q(4) a. 25 b. 36 c. 39 d. 32


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q (4)=8.4-7

q (4)=32-7

q (4)=25

Given the relation R = {(-2, 3), (a, 4), (1, 9), (0, 7)}. Which placement for a makes this relation a function. A) 1
B) -2
C) 0
D )4


The value of a for which the relation make a function will be 4.

Option D is true.

What is Function?

A relation between a set of inputs having one output each is called a function.

Given that;

The relation is,

R = {(-2, 3), (a , 4), (1, 9) , (0, 7)}

Now, A relation is defined a function when each inputs have exactly one output.

So, When we put a = 1 then we get two outputs 4 and 9.

Hence, It is not a function.

So, When we put 4, then we get only one output 4.

Thus, The value of a for which the relation make a function will be 4.

Learn more about the function visit:


The answer for your question is D.) 4
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