Compare the energy needs of adults with those of teens.


Answer 1
Answer: After the first year of life, adolescence is the most important period of growth of the whole life of a person. The nutritional needs of adolescents are soaring.
The recommended energy intake depends on the stage of growth, genetic factors, and physical activity level. It varies between 2 100 and 2 900 kcal per day in girls, and 2400 and 3500 kcal in boys.
Indeed, nutritional needs are especially increased, related to the pubertal growth (skeletal and muscular development).

The nutritional needs of adolescents

The nutritional needs of teenagers are higher than all other ages. Note, however, that children of the same age and sex may be at very different stages of development.

It is therefore difficult to provide quantified nutritional recommendations.

However, adolescents, whatever their stage of development, have higher nutritional needs in protein, calcium and iron.

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How many alleles are there for the four main types of human blood?



Three alleles.


Blood types are encoded thanks to three multiple alleles: IA, IB and i. Since we humans are diploids, these alleles can be combined into six different types: IAIA, IAi, IBIB, IBi, IAIB and ii. . Between alleles IA and IB, codominance occurs, ie both alleles express themselves. However, these alleles are dominant over allele i. We can represent this relationship as follows: IA = IB> i.

Human blood has four different phenotypes: type A, type B, type AB and type O, which form the well-known ABO system. The existence of these different blood types, discovered by the Austrian physician Karl Landsteiner (1868-1943) in the twentieth century, was central to the history of medicine as it allowed the development of transfusion techniques.

3 alleles is the correct answer . Blood types = A , B , AB and O .

Leukorrhea is a symptom of infection in which organ? a. intestines
b. prostate
c. vagina
d. kidneys


Leukorrhea is a symptom of infection in which organ?
c. vagina


A rapid, irregular heartbeat is a symptom of __________. a. high blood pressure
b. stroke
c. atherosclerosis
d. heart failure


In my own research, and by reading health magazines, and further research about the choices, I would say that the correct answer among the following choices is in letter D. Heart failure. I hope you are satisfied with my answer and feel free to ask for more if you have question and further clarification.
The answer is "d. heart failure".

A rapid, irregular heartbeat is a symptom of "heart failure".

we can define heart failure  as the point at which the heart can't pump adequately to keep up blood stream to address the body's issues. Signs and side effects usually incorporate shortness of breath, inordinate tiredness, and leg swelling. Hope it helps!

Marcia has undergone a computed tomography scan. It has been determined that she has a tumor in the thymus gland (thymoma). After further testing, her doctors conclude that she has what disorder?


I need some choices to choose


myasthenia gravis


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