Which of the following is an example of chemical weathering? wind breaking a rock into small pieces ice breaking apart cracks in a rock water smoothing a rock in a stream minerals in rock becoming powdery and rusty


Answer 1
Answer: Minerals in a rock becoming powdery and rusty is a chemical reaction, thus is Chemical Weathering.

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Which of these groups of animals are extinct? 1] polarbears
2] killer whales
3] dinosaurs
4] sea turtles


The answer to this is Dinosaurs. They have been extinct for about 65 million years.

Polar bears, sea turtles and killer whales are on the endangered species list. 
Dinosaurs are the extinct animal. After living on Earth for what we believe would have been 165 million years, they all died about 65 million years ago!

Which of the following characteristics of protein will remain intact if the protein is denatured? a. the function or protein
c.the solubility of the protein in the water
e.the number of amino acids in the protein


The characteristic of a protein that would remain intact even if the protein is denatured would be the number of amino acids.

Denaturation of proteins refers to the breakage of bonds responsible for the shapes of the secondary structure of the biomolecule.

Proteins are made from amino acids that are linked together by peptide bonds. The resulting polypeptide is then folded in a specific way to confer some functional attributes on it

When a protein is denatured, the loss of secondary structure leads to loss of functions. However, the primary structure which is essentially the component amino acids remains intact.

Denaturation also affects the solubility of proteins in water.  

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Is the alien theory a scientific claim? why or why not?


The alien concept isn't always a scientific claim because it isn't based totally on valid facts, there is no evidence to support it, and it no longer comes from a reliable source.

What are Scientific claims?

Scientific claims are statements made in technological know-how based on a test. They declare similar to what you might discover in other training, but they may be subsidized by means of experimental statistics you created, as well as the paintings of other scientists.

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sample response:

The alien theory is not a scientific claim because it is not based on valid data, there is no evidence to support it, and it does not come from a reliable source.


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In this typical animal cell which structure would be used for locomotion?


The correct answer would be flagellum. It is this structure that is responsible for movement or locomotion. It is a slender structure that enables many microorganisms to swim around. It protrudes from the cell body of certain cells. Hope this answers the question. 
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