studies show that the amount of heat stored in the ocean is increasing. what effect might this have? a. the water cycle might disappear. b. gyres might change direction. c. low tides might disappear. d. ocean currents might change course.


Answer 1


D. ocean currents might change course.


Ocean currents are the directed movements of water in the ocean and can be caused by wind (for currents closer to the surface) and temperature, salinity, or density differences (currents deeper in the ocean). Ocean currents help to warm or cool certain parts of the earth by carrying warmer water northward or cooler water toward the equator.

Climate change can have a vast effect on ocean currents because of the change in temperature it causes, which results in change in ocean water temperatures and a subsequent distortion in current flow.

Answer 2
Answer: Apex. Ocean currents might change course.

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Where is the largest known volcano in the solar system located?


It is located in the solar system on a planet called mars.

Calculate the mass of a gas with a density of 0.0065 g/cm3 and volume of 260 cm3


If there are 260 cm³ of this substance, and each cm³
holds  0.0065 grams of mass, then the total mass of
the sample is
                             (260 cm³) x (0.0065 g/cm³)

                          = (260 x 0.0065) grams

                          =               1.69 grams .
                                           (0.00169 kg)


Which one of these statements is not true? A) Momentum is conserved during elastic collisions.
B) Momentum is conserved during inelastic collisions.
C) Momentum changes only when there is a force applied.
D) They are all true statements.




It’s right


a couple has just learned that their daughter has hemophilia. They already have a son who does not have the disease. What are the genotypes of the couple? Explain your reasoning.


Answer: The genotypes of the couple are- XᵇX and XᵇY, where Xᵇ denotes the X chromosome having gene for hemophilia.

Hemophilia is a X linked recessive disorder, which means that the gene for hemophilia is carried by X chromosome. A female individual will be affected by the disorder if she carries two copies of the gene causing hemophilia. A male ( XY) will be hemophilic when his X chromosome bears the gene for hemophilia.

As per the information given in the question, son is not having the disease, which means that he has inherited normal X chromosome from his mother. On the other hand, daughter is hemophilic, which indicates that she has inherited both the X chromosomes with hemophilic gene that is XᵇXᵇ ( one X from father and other from mother).

This condition is only possible when the male parent is affected and female parent is carrier for the disease.

Thus, the genotypes of the couple are- XᵇX and XᵇY, where Xᵇ denotes the X chromosome having gene for hemophilia.

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