Describe the St. Lawrence Seaway-Great Lakes system


Answer 1
Answer: The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway is a deep draft waterway extending 3,700 km (2,340 miles) from the Atlantic Ocean or the head of the Great Lakes, in the heart of North America. The St. Lawrence Seaway portion of the System extends from Montreal to mid-lake Erie.

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In the 1920s, Western powers began to expand their influence in the Middle East primarily due to __________. A. the discovery of oil in the region B. the rising number of terrorist attacks against the West C. European desires to create a Jewish homeland D. rising fundamentalist movements in Iran and Saudi Arabia


A. the discovery of oil in the region


A chain of underwater mountains along which sea-floor spreading occurs is a


The concept of sea-floor spreading process involves splitting of tectonic plates . Tectonic plates are slabs of Earth's lithosphere in large sizes. The sea floor spreading also involves the formation of underwater mountains.

Sea-floor Spreading

  • This process is a geological process.Tectonic plates breaks or get seperated.

  • Less denser material rises above resulting in formation of seafloor mountain.

  • The crust of the floor cracks forming mountains and the new floor of the ocean is created.

  • Such new sea floor is called mid ocean ridge.

Therefore the chain of underwater mountains along which sea-floor spreading occurs is a Mid ocean ridge.

Learn more about mid ocean ridge here:

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Your question: A chain of underwater mountains along which sea floor spreading occurs is a..?

Your answer: A chain of underwater mountains along which sea-floor spreading occurs is a Mid ocean Ridge.

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To what does the term "Outback" refer? Question 11 options:

urban areas unsuitable for farming

remote, arid areas

suburban wilderness

coastal plains areas


The term "Outback" refer to remote, arid areas

Outback refer to remote and desolate areas that are too arid for growing crops. In Australia, certain areas that are very remote from urban areas where water bodies are scattered and usually dry are called outback. Such areas include the arid region of the Western Plateau and its semiarid northern plain to the semiarid inland regions of eastern Australia.

Its B.remote, arid areas i took the test

What countries surround Poland?


The following SEVEN (7) countries surround Poland:
1) the Czech Republic; [south of Poland];
2) Slovakia; [south of Poland];
3) Belarus; [east of Poland];
4) Ukraine; [east of Poland]; 
5) Germany; [west of Poland];
6) part of Russia —specially, the province of Kaliningrad Oblast; 
                    [northeast of Poland];
7) Lithuania; [northeast of Poland].
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