A similarity between Ellis Island and Angel Island is that both a.served immigrants of mostly European descent.
b served immigrants of mostly Asian descent.
c detained immigrants for weeks or months.
d required that immigrants pass health inspections.


Answer 1

The correct answer is D) required that immigrants pass health inspections.

Ellis Island, in modern day New York, used to be immigrants through their face "Six Second Medical Exam." This quick doctor's exam allowed doctors and nurses to quickly assess whether the immigrants had any physical ailments or sicknesses that could spread to other citizens.

The medical exams at Angel Island, in San Francisco, were much more detailed. Many times, individuals were forced to perform physical exercise (like jumping jacks) to show their physical fitness.

Answer 2

Ellis Island and Angel Island both served immigrants of European descent.

Further Explanations:

Angel Island an Island of San Francisco Bay gives an extensive view of San Francisco skyline,Marin Country peninsula and Mount Tamalpais. The island was administered by California State Parks and was used for many different purposes such as military forts, Public Health Services, Quarantine Stations and US Bureau of Immigration Inspection.The Angel Island Immigration Station on its northeastern corner detained, scrutinized and examined about one million immigrants.

Ellis Island was a federally possessed Island of New York Harbor, surrounded by states of New York and states New Jersey. It is known for its museum and erstwhile immigration inspection station. Immigration inspection station was the nation's busiest immigration from 1892 to 1954. Nowadays it is part of statue of Liberty National Monument of United states.

The only comparability between the Islands is that they both possessed European descendent Immigrants.

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1. What moderate reforms did European socialists support?brainly.com/question/1980715

2. From which country did the United States need to buy rights before building a canal across Central America?


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