The location of Fitzgerald's the great Gatsby is important because


Answer 1
Answer: The location is important because it shows that Gatsby is not from an old rich family, but rather that he is just some random person who suddenly earned a lot of money. The place where he bought his house is considered elite, but only for those who are new with money and are not considered to be some kind of "aristocracy"

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Read the excerpt from The Building of Manhattan. A temporary, small narrow-gauge track system was installed on each floor as it was needed. This enabled the material to be moved from the truck at ground level onto dump carts, raised by elevator to the designated floor, wheeled onto the track, and moved quickly to the exact spot needed. Turntables built into the track allowed the carts to be shifted about in any direction.

Which illustration would best give the reader a clearer understanding of the text?

A an illustration of a truck carrying building materials
B an illustration of materials being moved onto building floors
C an illustration of the partially constructed building
D an illustration of a riveter bonding a pair of steel beams


The illustration which would best give the reader a clearer understanding of the text is:

  • B. An illustration of materials being moved onto building floors

According to the given question, we are asked to state the illustration which would best give the reader a clearer understanding of the text.

As a result of this, we can see that from the given text, there is the illustration of building materials which are used in the construction of the Manhattan Building and as they are moved from one building floor to another as this would help the reader better understand the text.

Therefore, the correct answer is option B

Read more about The Building of Manhattan here:



Among the options given on the question the correct answer is option  B.

An illustration of materials being moved onto building floors

Explanation: In the given excerpt from the Building of Manhattan is a description of moving the materials from truck onto building floors.

In the excerpt, it is said that a narrow gauge track system was installed.Because the materials for the building from the track was needed to move different floors of the building. So, the using of the gauge track helped to move materials by using the elevator to carry the dump carts which were full of materials.The wheel system helped to supply the materials to the exact spot where it needed.

So, the excerpt illustrate the moving of the materials onto building floors.


PLEASE HELP!!!!Why do you think people feel so strongly about slavey? Write a full paragraph.


American slavery has always been a highly debated topic throughout the years. Often, people associate slavery with words such as brutal, cruel, inhumane, and horrible. Slaves were forced to forget about freedom and forget about the liberties of life that we American’s now take for granted. In the readings “Slaves Appeal”, “Walker’s Appeal”, “Prospectus for the Liberator”, and the movie “Roots” there were many circumstances where slavery was described and realistically documented. 

most people feel so strongly about slavery because everyone has their own beliefs. one reason is most people that are black are wanting to go against slavery because that's THEIR race. also some people think it was good to have slaves because it could bring them good things. a lot of slave owners wanted slaves because they wouldn't have to do things themselves. some people are so against slavery that they helped the slaves and risked their lives trying to get the slaves to safety.. but their is also a lot of racist people that want to think slaves were good and such.


I am writing an essay about the sense of place in the poem "Cloudy day" by Jimmy Santiago Baca. Does anyone know the purpose of the title or what is meant by "Cloudy day?"


Answer: "Cloudy Day" by Jimmy Santiago Baca is to show how there can always be sunshine on a cloudy day. Meaning that no matter how bad things are, it could possibly b worse, so we should always be optimistic.

Explanation: The purpose of the flashback is to show how the speaker has changed from the start of his prison time to the end


When reading a poem closely to interpret its meaning and nuances, what can give you clues about the theme of the poem?


When reading a poem closely to interpret its meaning and nuances, the title of the poem can give you clues about the theme of the poem (can reveal a lot about the poem). To interpret the meaning and nuances of the poem, you have to decipher the words in order to understand it (directly/indirectly). The title of the poem might be the most important word choice of all because it's the first thing the reader sees. The title might not make much sense until you start to understand the poem (gives us a reasonable hint about what the poem means).

The meaning behind unfamiliar words 
Breaking it down into sections; such as changes within the poem
Diction's- What are the most significant words and what do they indicate 
Look for words that indicate feeling 
Words of 'I' 'We' 'Us' 'Them' and etc. Can be used to determine if it's meant to be the poets Point of view, such as if it's a narrative or description or so
Literary Devices- Is it a metaphor is it a paradox. Do they repeat words for significance (Alliteration).  
There is so much more but this is what i can think of on the top of my head
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