What technological development created an opportunity for the Fireside Chat speeches? A. television B. radio C. automobile D. cinema


Answer 1
Answer: Even though the question is already answered, i wanted to type it if its not clear.

the correct answer is B: Radio
Answer 2
Answer: FDR created the fireside chats as a radio broadcast to help people out during the Great Depression.

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What is the difference between debit cards and credit cards?


The primary distinction is that debit cards are connected to bank accounts and take money directly out of those accounts (similar to a check). On the other hand, a credit card does not draw money right away and must be paid back later, subject to any interest charges that may have accrued.

Which is better credit card or debit card?

Both a debit card and a credit card have benefits and drawbacks. It is advisable to conduct research based on your requirements before making a decision.

When you make a purchase with a debit card, the money is almost instantly deducted from your checking account to cover the cost of the item. When you use a credit card, the money will be charged to your line of credit, giving you more time to pay the bill because you will pay it later.

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With debit you take out your own money from the bank and with credit you use the government's money and have to pay it back. The more you use your credit card the better the credit score and if you dont pay back in time your credit score goes down. Without good credit you can get a house and I believe some jobs.

The provincial capital seized by the vietcong in the 1968 tet offensive was


Hue city was seized during the 1968 Tet Offensive, a series of surprise attacks on major cities, towns, strategic places and military bases in South Vietnam. It was launched by Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese soldiers.
The Viet Cong were North communist Vietnamese supporters of the communist front during the Vietnam war. They wanted to help communist Vietnam to build a democratic Vietnam communist thus fought against government/ military of South Vietnam.

Which statement accurately describes how World war 2 began?


It should be "The Invasion of Poland".

Once Poland was invaded, the war officially started

hope this helps
There are actually many reason as to the cause of it. If you want how it started in general, it was because of militarism. Militarism was the reason the Archduke, Franz Ferdinand, was murdered.

What was one government reform enacted by the Tang Dynasty


They really focused on education 
One government reform enacted in the Chinese Tang dynasty was its emphasis on education. It was one of the reforms that contributed the dynasty’s success. The Tang rulers did not feel that a well-educated people is a threat to the government. For the rulers, an educated public is a foundation of a stable and prosperous society.  Unlike other forms of government who feared intellectuals, the Tang dynasty embraced knowledge and education, thus, encouraging its people to have a form of education.
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