According to English tradition - what happens to the first man that a woman sees on Valentine's Day?


Answer 1
Answer: She is supposed to marry him.
Answer 2
Answer: According to English tradition, they fall in love, if she/he gets shot with a arrow with a heart on it!

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A client reports acute soreness and tightness in her calf muscle after a long run. She describes feeling knots in the muscle. Which of the following flexibility techniques should the client use first?



Self myofascial release


Myofascial release techniques: It is also written as MFR, and is referred to as a technique that is being designed to make the hard knots smooth, that helps in returning the fascia to the adaptable self and normal fluid. In MFR, sustained and gentle pressure is being applied to the restriction points that allow the connective tissue to be released.

Benefits related to self-myofascial release:

1. Improves joint range of motion.

2. Corrects muscle imbalances.

3. Improves neuromuscular efficiency, etc.


A speech persuading audience members to pledge a donation to a hurricane relief fund is a speech to


The answer is actuate. The speech to convince or actuate is a persuasive speech aimed to alter the audience attention about an issue and or call them to some sort of action. This is the capstone speech of the issue.  

On the job you are more likely to be taken seriously and to be promoted if you a. attend office parties.
b. frame your degree or certificate and hang it on your office or cubicle wall.
c. appear to be busy even when you're not really doing anything.
d. look and sound professional.


D you want to look interested in your job not like its something boring 

What is select committee


Select committee is a small number of Parliament members that appointed to handle special matters.
For examples, when the government notices something strange in their accounting reports, select committee could be appointed to examine the spendings that the government had made during specific time period..


A temporary committee that considers a specific question of national importance

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