Which scientist is credited with developing the first atomic theory


Answer 1
Answer: Dalton I think but he was not credited for his work

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A compound with molecular formula C6H15N exhibits a singlet at d 0.9 (1H), a triplet at d 1.10 (3H), a singlet at d1.15 (9H), and a quartet at d 2.6 (2H) in its 1HNMR spectrum. Its IR spectrum shows one medium absorption band near 3400 cm-1. What is the structure of this compound?






In this case, we have to start with the IR info. The signal on 3400 cm^-1 indicates the presence of a hydrogen bonded to the heteroatom. In this case, we have nitrogen in the formula, so we will have the amine group.

On the other hand, we have to analyze the NMR info:

a)  We have 2 singlets => This indicates the presence of 2 different hydrogens without neighbors.

b) We have a triplet => This indicates the presence of CH3 bonded to a CH2.

c) We have a quartet => This indicates the presence of CH2 bonded to a CH3.

From b) and c) we can conclude that we have the ethyl group bonded to a nitrogen.  

Finally, we have to add 4 more carbons in such a way that we only have a single signal. In this case the ter-butyl group.

In that way, we will have 2 singlets (from the CH3 groups in the ter-butyl and the H on the N). Also, we will have the quartet on the CH2 in the ethyl group and the triplet on the CH3 in the ethyl group


When ammonium carbonate decomposes what gas is produced and will a glowing splint burn brighter in the presence?


When ammonium carbonate is heated it decomposes to give ammonia gas, carbon dioxide gas and water. The equation for the decomposition is;
(NH4)2CO3(s) = 2 NH3 (g) + CO2(g) + H2O(l)
A glowing splint would extinguish almost immediately because of the presence of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide does not support burning which is the property that makes it used a s a fighter extinguisher.

Aluminum carbonate would decompose to produce aluminum oxide and carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide gas will extinguish a glowing splint.

Decomposition of aluminum carbonate

Aluminum carbonate decomposes according to the following equation:

Al_2O_3 + 3 CO_2" alt="Al_2(CO_3)_3 ---- > Al_2O_3 + 3 CO_2" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

The gas produced is carbon dioxide. One of the properties of carbon dioxide is that it extinguishes glowing splints. Thus there is no chance that a glowing splint will burn brighter in the presence of the gas.

More on decomposition reactions can be found here:


Magnesium has 12 protons. What charge do you expect it to have when it ionizes? Why?


Answer: This element has +2 charge on it.


An ion is formed when an atom looses or gains electrons.

  • When an atom looses electrons, it leads to the formation of positive ion known as cation.
  • When an atom gains electrons, it leads to the formation of negative ion known as anion.

Magnesium is the 12th element of the periodic table having electronic configuration of

This element will loose 2 electrons to attain stable electronic configuration and leads to the formation of a cation having formula

Hence, this element has +2 charge on it.


Density = _____


C mass and volume i remember by d=m/v
Density= Mass/Volume I am positive I just had an assignment on this
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