What increased trade and travel in the middle ages? A: The crusades
B: Tales of marco polo
C: Travels of Kublai Khan
D: The Christian church


Answer 1


A: The crusades

C: Travels of Kublai Khan


Teh crusades were holy wars fought by the army of the Catholic Church provided by several kingdoms that tried to re-conquer Holy Land, this made it for more and more people to travel to the middle east that increased the trade, as well as the travels of Kublai Khan who traveled through all of Asia, and up to the middle east.

Answer 2
Answer: C... travels of kublai khan

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Please help am giving all of my points for this... 1. One of these social and economic characteristics is NOT strongly associated with high levels of political participation:

a. Age
b. Education
c. Sexual orientation
d. Gender

2. Two of the factors that could contribute to low voter turnout are: (Select two answers)

a. growing alienation among voters
b. voters immigrating to other countries
c. scandals of the past several decades
d. typhoons during election day

Participating in a community project
Attending a church mass
Joining a political party
Setting up a hotdog stand in a flea market
Attending school board meetings
Working as a part-time car salesman
Contacting representatives directly
Working on a political campaign
Joining a beauty contest
Contributing money toward a political cause
Driving a school bus
Forming action groups
Drawing up petitions

YES or NO ^

4. Americans elect more people to public office than do citizens of any other democracy. In the United States, we vote for representatives, as well as the President and Vice-president. We also vote for governors, Senators, and Representatives on the state level. With so many elections and candidates, the fact that elections are frequent can depress turnout.

States generally have stringent rules about voting absentee. In some, you have to apply for your ballot in person.

By law, national general elections in the United States are held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even-numbered years. Many people find it difficult to get off work in order to go vote.

In the United States, the citizen is responsible for his or her own registration. States that have permitted same-day registration have seen slightly higher voting rates than other states.

In earlier days in the United States, parties called their members or provide transportation to the polls to ensure that they registered and voted. Nowadays, American political parties today are not as strongly organized at the local levels.

weak political parties
the number of offices to elect
weekday voting
difficulty of absentee voting
difficulty of registration


Based on voting statistics in the United States, the following are true:

  1. c. Sexual orientation.
  2. a. growing alienation among voters and c. scandals of the past several decades.
  3. No question.
  4. Weekday voting and difficulty of absentee voting.

What are some facts on U.S. voting?

In the U.S., a person's sexual orientation does not really correlate with their levels of political participation.

Lower turnouts are often experienced because voters have become increasingly alienated and have lost faith in political office thanks to previous scandals.

Weekday voting has made it difficult to vote as people need to go to work, and this is made worse by the fact that most states are against absentee voting.

Find out more on absentee voting at brainly.com/question/1179876.



  1. D
  2. B and D
  3. No
  4. difficulty of registration

Gregor Mendel is considered the Father of _____. Heredity DNA Genetics Inheritance



Gregor Mendel is considered the "father of genetics" in modern science. Johann Mendel (his birth name) graduated from the Philosophical Institute at the University of Olmütz in 1843. Then he decided to become a monk, joining the Augustinian order at the St. Thomas Monastery in Brno (in the Austrian empire). As a monk, he was given the name Gregor.
He continued his studies in the sciences at the University of Vienna, his studies funded by the monastery. Around 1854, Mendel began experimenting with plants in the monastery's garden, especially exploring the transmission of hereditary traits in plant hybrids.
From his experiments with pea plants, he proposed basic laws of genetics such as the Law of Segregation (that there are dominant and recessive traits which are passed on from parent to offspring), and the Law of Independent Assortment (that individual traits were transmitted from parent to offspring independently of other traits).
He is the father of Genetics


French nobleman who became one of george washington


I think it was Lafayette. I hope this helps!

What did the heian nobility consider its purpose in japanese society?


Raising cultural standards
Raising cultural standards

Hope this helps :)
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