Which of the following statements about the atmosphere is not true? A. The atmosphere includes all gases that surround the earth.
B. Heat and light from the sun must pass through the atmosphere to reach Earth.
C. The atmosphere has no effect on landforms, but it does affect the biosphere.
D. Meterologists study the atmosphere and weather.


Answer 1
Answer: I think the correct answer from the choices listed above is option A. The statement that says the atmosphere includes all gases that surround the earth is false. The atmosphere is only a thin layer of gas surrounding the earth not necessarily all gases.

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Describe how the structures of proteins differ from the structures of carbohydrates (150 words)


well both are considered macromolecules. proteins are like big lego construction. each single piece gets pieced together to make a larger thing. each single piece is a monomer, and the larger construction is the polymer. the monomers are called amino acids and they get pieced together to form the polymer which is called a protein. the linkage that they use is an amide bond, and in biology it is usually called a peptide bond. carbohydrates can be singular monomers or polymer units. they are made of completely different compounds usually aldehydes or ketones. and they link together through different chemical linkages (acetal or ketal linkages for polymers, hemiacetal or hemiketal linkages for monomers). both can be large, 3D strucutres proteins are only functional as a large, 3D structure, while carbohydrates can be singular. (you might wanna word it differently for safety reason)


Increased synthesis of phosphodiesterase would lead to


im not sure m8.......... i just answers for points.......sorry


The portion of a light ray that falls on a surface is a/an A. reflected ray.
B. diffuse reflection.
C. specular reflection.
D. incident ray.


So we want to know what is a light ray that falls on a surface. The incident ray that fallls on a surface can then fe reflected, refracted or transmitted. The angle in which the incident ray is must be the same as the angle of a refracted light ray. So the correct answer is D.
d. incident ray, i just took the test yesterday

_____ makes organisms grow bigger. A. An increase in the size of a cell
B. The addition of cells
C. An increase in the size of the nucleus in a cell
D. The addition of chromosomes


B. The addition of cells,
You can also look up in quizlet. They aslo give you answe too.




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