Which of the following publications would include headline news? A. a daily newspaper B. a monthly magazine C. the special features section of a newspaper


Answer 1
Answer: The answer to this question is letter "A. a daily newspaper". This is the title written in a way that would directly catch the attention of the readers. This is usually the highlight or the main content of the newspaper. Writing headlines of the newspaper would certainly require for writing a logical sentence of phrase. 
Answer 2
Answer: Headline is a heading at the top of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine.
A.daily newspaper would include headline news

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What is the geographical setting at the beginning of the novel the alchemist


Santiago is a boy who is a shepherd. In the beginning of the story, he is introduced by him trying to find a place to sleep that night. The geographical setting at the beginning of the novel is an abandoned church in Andalusia. Santiago meets an old man in the village.


When does the mother colapse in the metamophises?


When his father's business collapsed, there was still a little money remaining, ... But she can't move all the furniture on her own, so she asks her mother to help.


Margo read two epics. The first epic is the story of a soldier who got lost at sea and sailed for many years before finding his way home. While he was gone, his family struggled financially. Knowing how much their father valued his ancestors’ homeland, his children refused bribes of food and money offered in exchange for the land. They preferred to live humbly and proudly. Upon his return, their father’s joy was boundless, which pleased his sons and daughters.

The second epic is the story of a great leader and prince who was banished from his home by an evil cousin. While traveling and living a simple life in the forest, the prince met and married a princess. Despite their royal backgrounds, neither of them minded living safely hidden in the forest. This humility saved their lives on a number of occasions, and their great happiness did not depend on living in a castle.

When comparing these two myths, what qualities do both myth-tellers seem to value?

humility and humbleness

cleverness and wit

home and property

physical strength and agility



Humility and humbleness.


These are the two qualities that the myth-tellers seem to value. In the first myth, the characters exhibit humility because they refuse to give up the things that they valued in exchange for money. This is true even while they are struggling financially. In the second example, the two royals exhibit humility and humbleness when they are able to be happy living in the forest.

Humility and humbleness

The style approach to leadership explored which style of leadership was the most effective. According to research, the most effective leadership style is the _____________________ style. a. democratic
b. laissez-faire
c. authoritarian
c. Research shows that no one style is always more effective.


I am pretty sure that it is c Research shows that no one style is always more effective.
Answer would maybe be C or I think B
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