The ____________________ function is useful when you want to assign a value to a cell based on a logical test


Answer 1
Answer: The IF function is useful when you want to assign a value to a cell based on a logical test.

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A packet switch receives a packet and determines the outbound link to which the packet should be forwarded. when the packet arrives, one other packet is halfway done being transmitted on this outbound link and four other packets are waiting to be transmitted. packets are transmitted in order of arrival. suppose all packets are 1,500 bytes and the link rate is 2 mbps. what is the queuing delay for the packet? more generally, what is the queuing delay when all packets have length l, the transmission rate is r, x bits of the currently-being-transmitted packet have been transmitted, and n packets are already in the queue?


Queuing delay = La/R

R: link bandwidth (bps)

L: packet length (bits)

a: average packet arrival rate

The queuing delay for packet 1 = 0

The queuing delay for packet 2 = L/R

The queuing delay for packet 3 = 2L/R

The queuing delay for packet 4 = (3)L/R

The queuing delay for packet N= (N-1)L/R

Average queuing delay for packet N

= 1/N [0 + L/R + 2L/R +………+ (N-1)L/R]

=L/NR[1 + 2 + ……….+ (N-1)]

=(L/NR) (N-1) N/2 = (N-1)L/2R

so as per que queuing delay is

(4-1)(1500*8)bits/2 * (2 * 1024 * 8)bits/sec = 4500 /4096 =1.098


A(n) ________ is a person with the training and skill needed to design, create, and test computer programs.


Software engineer ..........

In GIMP, which of the following provides options for editing images? A. Tip of the Day
B. Tool bar
C. Toolbox
D. Adjustment tools



B. Toolbox provides options for editing images.


Most of the tools can be activated by clicking icons under the toolbox. These can also be activated through keyboard. The tools can be customized using edit bar under it. We can customize the pictures, change the background, scale the image sizes, and change the foreground too by using the editing options in the toolbox.

The pictures that we take outside can be modified to a way that we can proudly share or print online. The pictures can be manipulated depends upon the creativity in using the editing features.

I believe it's letter C.


Where is the group command on the drawing tools format tab? arrange group?


It is the merge command
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