If your license says you must wear corrective lenses, you ____________________________. A. should only wear them when you feel they are needed

B. may be fined if you drive without wearing them

C. should always have them on when in a vehicle regardless of whether or not you are behind the wheel

D. should wear them, but it isn't important because it isn’t against the law


Answer 1
Answer: The answer is B. While you might be okay not wearing them while you're in the passenger seat, you definitely should wear your corrective lenses on while driving because you not only can you be fined, you can be sent to jail in states like Florida where you can spend up to 60 days locked up.

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A truck tire rotates at an initial angular speed of 21.5 rad/s. The driver steadily accelerates, and after 3.50 s the tire's angular speed is 28.0 rad/s. What is the tire's angular acceleration (in rad/s2) during this time?



initial angular speed, = 21.5 rad/s

final angular speed, = 28.0 rad/s

time, t = 3.50 s


Angular acceleration can be defined as the time rate of change of angular velocity and is given by:

Now, putting the given values in the above formula:

Therefore, angular acceleration is:


Are you ready for a brain twister? murphy can row at 5 kmph in still water. if the velocity of current is 1 kmph and it takes him 1 hour to row to a place and come back, how far is the place?


Answer: 2.4km

In this case, Murphy is rowing to a place and come back so he was going 2x of the place distance. That means when he goes to the place the current velocity is helping him(5+1 kmph) and when he comes back the current velocity is slowing him(5-1kmph).
To calculate the place distance, the calculation would be:
X/6kmph + X/4kmph= 1 hour
X/6kmph + 1.5X/6kmph= 1 hour
2.5X/6kmph= 1hour
2.5X= 1 hour x 6km/ hour
X= 6km/2.5
X= 2.4km

During wave motion, the motion of particles to one side of the rest position will be (unrelated to,the same as) the motion to the other side of the rest position.


The motion of particles to one side of the rest position will be the same as the motion of the other side of the rest position in a wave motion. because in a wave motion or wave function, it symmetrical. meaning the motion on the other side will be identical to the other side of the rest position


The same as


Hope this helped, God Bless


A pan of liquid water freezes when you place it outside on a cold day. Liquid water has greater molecular disorder than ice does. Is the freezing process, then, an exception to the law of entropy?





The freezing process is not an exception, simply because the pan of liquid water cannot be considered an isolated system.

In fact, the law of entropy holds for isolated systems only: the entropy of an isolated system can never decrease. However, in this case the pan of liquid water is not an isolated system, since it exchanges energy with the surrounding. In particular, it gives thermal energy away to the environment, so its temperature decreases and it freezes: the entropy of the pan of water decreases, but the total entropy of the system (pan of water + environment) does not decrease.

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