Imagine that ABC and​ NBC, two publicly traded​ companies, have just decided to merge their operations. When the merger between these firms takes​ place, which type of organizational culture clash is LEAST likely to​ occur?


Answer 1


These are the options for the question:

A.  Management styles

B.  Communication practices

C.  Workplace atmosphere

D.  Stock valuation

E.  Corporate values

And this is the correct answer:

D.  Stock valuation


Stock valuation is not likely to be a cause of conflict after the merge because stocks are valued in similar ways accross companies. This factor is precisely what makes stock value a good gauge of a firm's value: because it is measured in the same way for all firms, investors know what a specific stock value means, and can take rational decisions according to it.

All the other statements do refer to organizational culture elements that have a great degree of subjectivity depending on the company, and that can cause conflict after the merge.

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The pita pit borrowed $198,000 on november 1, 2018, and signed a six-month note bearing interest at 12%. principal and interest are payable in full at maturity on may 1, 2019. in connection with this note, the pita pit should report interest expense at december 31, 2018, in the amount of


To compute for the interest expense for the year, the formula that we will be using would be the I = Prt


I = interest

P = principal = $198,000

r = rate = 12%

t = time = 2/12; only two months since Pita Pit only borrowed on November and the accounting period ends at December.



I = Prt

= 198,000 x .12 x 2/12

= $3960


Describe Classical Theory. To do so, begin by describing its approach to the circular flow model and indicate its assumption about employment and output in the economy. Close with a description of the aggregate demand curve, aggregate supply curve used to find equilibrium in this model.


Answer and Explanation:

Classical Theory:

Classical theory states that the economy is free flowing and that there should be no outside intervention. It states that the prices and wages move up and down freely. During good times the prices and wages tend to increase and during bad times or recession the prices and wages are adjusted accordingly to downwards.

Another vital information pertaining to classical theory is that it states: economy is always at full employment level of output. Which means that the aggregate supply curve is vertical and this implies that the increase in aggregate demand or a decrease in aggregate demand will lead to increase or decrease respectively. However, the output will remain same in the economy when it comes to the classical approach.


Which of the following manufacturing cost elements occurs in a process cost system? Direct materials. Direct labor. Manufacturing overhead. All of these.



Option D, Direct Materials, Direct Labor, & Manufacturing Overhead


Process costing with in a company is used as a method to assign manufacturing costs to the product units produced which are nearly identical.  

For all items manufactured in a manufacturing firm, some process related cost is common in all cases such as direct material cost, conversion cost, labor cost etc. Also these cost parameters are same from one department to other.

Hence, option D is correct


Jillian is project lead for a team that is writing, programming, testing, and performing quality assurance on a new Spanish language software program. Jillian is in Boston where the developing house is located. Her writers are in Spain. Her programmers are in India. Her testers are in Texas. And her quality assurance team is in Argentina. After given clear specifications, each team has authority to make the necessary decisions to complete their task, or send a task back to another part of the team. Which of the following best describes Jillian's team? A. Cross-functional virtual B. Self-managed face-to-face C. Problem-solving virtual D. Problem-solving face-to-face


The best description for the type of Team that Jillian has regarding this question is a cross functional team.

The answer to the question is option A. A cross functional team is one that has the team members bringing in knowledge form different areas.

This kind of team is able to get outside influences or experts to help out on a subject area.

From this question we can see that the team that Jillian has is virtual and they render their services from different parts of the world where they reside.



Option (a) Cross-Functional Virtual


This basically refers to the practice of assembling project teams using members of the organization from different functions. Typically, this would involve selecting a number of specialists under a generalist project manager.

The role of project manager can be particularly demanding when using cross-functional project teams. Apart from being an expert at project management, the project manager must also have enough general knowledge to understand what his specialists know and how it can be used. The project manager must also be skilled at conflict resolution, which is more likely to happen within a diverse group.

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