Adapatations can be ____________________. Select all that apply.

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Bacteria reproduce in a process called binary fission. Which of the following is true about binary fission?


I believe the answer is D, that binary fission is form of asexual reproduction. Bacteria reproduce through the process of binary fission which is a type of asexual reproduction. It is also common in other prokaryotes and some single celled Eukaryotes such as Amoeba and Paramecium. The concept used in binary fission is similar to mitosis but its purpose is different (reproduction).


Binary fission is the process of cell division used in most of the unicellular organisms. It is very much similar to the mitotic division in the multi-cellular organisms. In bacteria's, cells dividing by binary fission copy its DNA. DNA replication during binary fission actually happens at the same time as DNA separation and thus the new cells formed are identical to each other.



What are main treatments for cancer​


The main treatments for cancer are radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy.


- Surgery

- Chemotherapy

- Radiation Therapy

- Immunotherapy

- Targeted Therapy

- Hormone Therapy

However some people may have no treatments, depending on the cancer.


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What variables can affect the number of fish in a lake


The ecosystem is defined as the surrounding in which biotic and abiotic components are dependent on each other and circulate the energy flow. The variables that can affect different types of ecosystems are concentration, light, oxygen demand, and many more.

The variables that can affect a fish in marine or a pond ecosystem are:

1. Concentration of salt if increased in the aquatic ecosystem then it can be fatal to the organisms. The salts mix up with the water and lead to the formation of salty pockets, which are known as biological dead zones.

2. The area of the lake and the environmental change in the surrounding of the lake can affect the fish and aquatic ecosystem. The lakes can undergo rapid changes, such as degrading water quality and pollution.

Therefore, the factors such as area, the concentration of salt, and other variables can affect the fish in an ecosystem.

To know more about variables and ecosystems, refer to the following link:

A lot of variables can affect the number of fishes in a lake. A couple to list are...
-The concentration of salt
-The type of ecosystem
-The area the lake resides in

Which of the following statements about natural selection is TRUE? A. Natural selection results in those individuals within a population who are best-adapted surviving and producing more offspring. The traits that promote survival are heritable.
B. Natural selection leads to loss of all species.
C. All individuals within a population have an equal likelihood of survival. Survival is based on chance.
D. Natural selection causes variation to arise within a population.
E. Natural selection leads to increased likelihood of survival for certain individuals based on variation. The variation must come from outside the population.



A. Natural selection results in those individuals within a population who are best-adapted surviving and producing more offspring. The traits that promote survival are heritable.


Natural selection works on the genetic variations that are already present in the natural populations. Some organisms of a population are more likely to produce more offspring than the others. This is due to the presence of beneficial genetic traits in these individuals that impart survival and reproductive fitness to them. Natural selection favors those individuals. Over the generations, the frequency of the beneficial genetic trait in the population increases.

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