Define the function max2 that takes two integers as arguments and returns the largest of them. Then define the function max_list that returns the largest of the elements in a nonempty list of integers by calling max2


Answer 1


def max_list(a):

   return max(a)

def max2(a,b):

   return max(a,b)


print('max of two number is:')



max_in_list = max_list(a)

print('\n max element in whole list is:')



Above program is written in python:

Function max2 accept two parameters and return one which is greatest of both and funtion max_list accept a parameter list and returns the greatest number in list.

Note: take care of indentation of function while pasting this code on your compiler or ide

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Circuits that increase the strength of electronic signals are called



Amplifiers are circuits that increase the strength of electronic signals


The basic idea of what an amplifier is; it is a circuit where the output signal is an amplification of the input signal. It increases the amplitude or the strength and power of an electric signal. In case signal strength weakens during transmission, amplification jumps in to compensate for the loss of signal strength. An amplifier borrows electric power energy from a power supply and modulates the power supply’s output to match the input signal and make the output signal a bit stronger.  Amplifications is used in most standard modern electronics.

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The ability of services to grow or shrink based on need is called __________.


This kind of ability is called rapid elasticity. The resources can be maximized by a consumer to provide wider webs and applications.It can also make the server stop, just to reduce the cost in the process.  The flexibility in adapting to needs of a company is an advantage. Rapid elasticity can be done in a public cloud.


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What are the steps involved in accepting all the changes in a document?


1. Click Edit

2. Click Changes

3. Click Accept or Reject

4. Click Accept All

this is the correct answer on Plato

  1. you can accept or reject the changes one at a time or all at one time.
  2. click at the beginning of the document , and then on the review tab, click next to go to the first tracked change.
  3. Click Accept or reject to keep or remove the change.

Keep repeating the step 2 until you've reviewed all of the changes in your document.

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When a function accepts multiple arguments, does it matter in what order the arguments are passed?



yes, it matter in what order the arguments  are passed.


when we define the function in the programming, you have to call the function as well.

In the calling function, we passed the arguments.

In the define function, parameters in declare for taking a copy of the arguments.

for example:

int print(int value, double price, char a){




print(5, 7.8, 'a');

So, in the calling function the order of the argument changed, it gives the compile error.

because 5 is the integer, so you have to store in the int parameter.

print(7.8, 5, 'a'): if we try to do that, 7.8 which is double store in the wrong integer parameter, it gives the wrong output.

similarly, if we define the array in the parameter and pass the integer in the argument on the same location. it gives the compile error.

Therefore, the location must be the same.

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