In his experiment, Duncan Watts created a website where respondents could rate songs. His sample size was 14,341 respondents. If Watts selected a new sample of 14,341 different respondents and their average ratings of each song were significantly different than the first sample, what problem would Watts's research suffer from?


Answer 1

Answer: unreliability

Explanation: Some of the problems that determine the quality of an experiment are reliability and validity.  

Reliability considers the consistency of the experiment. In the example above,  the result of the second sample is inconsistent with the result of the first sample, making Watt's research unreliable. That is, it does not reflect the ratings of a larger population. This problem can be solved by increasing the sample size, such that the average ratings are more reflective of a wider audience.

Validity considers the accuracy of the experiment. A lack of reliability of an experiment will likely make the result invalid as well, but this is not always the case.

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Unscientific polls that are often conducted by newspapers and politicians to determine who is ahead in a political race are called ______ polls.


Straw polls. hope this helps!

Compare and contrast delinquent and unruly behavior. Be sure to provide an example of each. plzzz help me


Delinquent and unruly behavior, while similar, do not have the same effects on the person that commits an offense.

Delinquent behavior is that associated with a crime, one that has been specifically tipified in a penal code under criminal law, which usually results in jail time for the person that commits the crime.

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more females than males.


Most college students around the world are women, according to a study released by the UN. Women fill 77.3 million university vacancies worldwide, while men fill a total of 2.2 million. In addition, women account for 51% of all college enrollments.

For this reason, we can say that although women have been deprived of education for centuries (and are still deprived in some countries), in almost all developed nations today, it is true that more women than men are college students.

More males than females.... but that's a very generic and misleading comment, which doesn't take into account the major for one, nor the number of men to women in the country (if a country has a majority of 63% men, like China, would it make sense to have a majority of 55% women in college??).

Countries with a​ ________ legal system tend to encourage​ precise, detailed​ contracts, whereas countries with a​ ________ legal system tend to encourage shorter and less specific contracts.


Countries with a "common" legal system tend to encourage, precise, detaile contracts, whereas countries with a "civil" legal system tend to encourage shorter and less specific contracts.

The civil law system is the most across the board lawful framework in the world. The distinctive component of the common law framework is that its lawful expert is composed into composed codes. The common law framework is gotten from Roman law and is found in quite a bit of mainland Europe, Central America, South America, and a few different areas.  

Common Law in contrast to the arranged laws of the civil law system, tenets and standards created after some time by makes a decision about fill in as "legal precedent" in the common law framework. The precedent-based law framework is gotten from the English customary law and is found in numerous parts of the English talking world, for example, Australia, Canada, England, the United States, Wales, and different nations.  

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