Compute 4.659×104−2.14×104. Round the answer appropriately.


Answer 1


261.98 is the value of the given expression.

Step-by-step explanation:

We have to find the value of the following expression:

Using the associative property, we can write and solve the given expression as:

Rounding off the answer, we get,

Thus, 261.98 is the value of the given expression.

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What would the square root of 2 be when multiplied by xy. sqrt(2)xy


4 if i am not mistaken
Sqrt(2)*x*y is correct.  What were you looking for?

How are the two fours related in The 0.044


The two fours are recurring

Find the area of the circle if the square has an area of 900 in2. give your answer in terms of.


First find the square root of 900 to get one side of the square, which is 30 inches.
Formula for area of a circle: pi times the radius(squared)
The radius is 15 because one side of the square equals the diameter of the circle. 15 squared is 225.
3.14x225=706.5 inches squared

I hope this helps, because I did not have a diagram of the problem, but this should be the answer if the circle is inscribed in the square.

The area of circle is 706.5 inches squared.

What is Area of Circle?

Area of a circle is the region occupied by the circle in a two-dimensional plane. It can be determined easily using a formula, A = πr2, (Pi r-squared) where r is the radius of the circle.


Area of Square= 900 inch²

side² = 900

side= 30 inch

Radius of Circle = 30/2 = 15 inch

Now, Area of Circle = πr²

                                 = 3.14 x 30 x 30

                                 = 706.5 inches squared

Hence, the area of circle is 706.5 inches squared.

Learn more about area of circle here:



A 4-digit number ends in 3. If you put the number 3 in the first position, the number will decrease by 738. Find the original 4-digit number.



4153. Read the explanation please. There is no point in just reading the answer because the same type of problem can come up in the RSM homework or in a test and you will have no idea how to solve it.

Step-by-step explanation:

Form an equation with the information you know.

1. Moving the last digit, 3, to the first position is the same as doing (x-3)/10 +3000, where x is the original 4-digit number.

    Why it works: This expression works because first, you subtract 3 from the original number. This removes 3 from the last digit, but leaves a zero there. To remove the zero, you divide by 10. Finally, to put the 3 at the first position, you add 3000.

2. Since you know that the number will decrease by 738, you can do the second part of forming the equation. Make the expression equal to x - 738, like so --> (x-3)/10 + 3000 = x - 738

Solve the equation.

3. (x-3)/10 + 3000 = x-73

   (x-3)/10 = x - 3738

   x-3 = 10x - 37380

   x = 10x - 37377

   -9x = -37377

   x = 4153

Well, I've got to get back to my RSM homework. I hope this helped!

P.S.- The next time you have a question, email your RSM teacher (I'm assuming you go to RSM) because he/she is much more qualified then me (I'm only 12) and you don't really know if you can trust people giving you answers on

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