Oversensitivity of the ___________can cause a person to respond to mildly stressful events as if they were signficant events


Answer 1

Answer: Autonomic nervous system


Autonomic nervous system(ANS) is the system that helps management of internal organ functions, heartbeat and other digestive process in the body. It also controls muscles and organs of the body that are not managed voluntarily.Body parts on which this system's action takes place are stomach, bladder, intestine etc.

When automatic nervous system faces over-sensitivity then it can tend to generate intense sensory neuron response in normal conditions making it seem like a major situation.

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Following his experience in the military, Hans developed a classically conditioned fear response to radio static. After he left the military, the response extinguished. However, after not hearing radio static for several months, Hans again shows the conditioned fear response. Hans’s experience is best described by_____________


Answer:Spontaneous recovery

Explanation:Spontaneous recovery is a phenomenon in which a behavior that was thought to have been extincted suddenly appears.

This response is the one that has resulted from classical and operant conditioning.

Spontaneous recovery in this way can be defined as a conditioned response that appears after it it rest period.

This usually occurs when the conditioned response stimulus is no longer associated with unconditioned stimulus.

Hans conditioned fear had extinguished after he left the military buy after months it came back again this is spontaneous recovery.


Many planters took advantage of their sharecroppers under this system. Where in the process do you see an opportunity for the planter to cheat his sharecroppers?


Sharecropping is a type of agricultural development wherein a landowner allows a tenant to use the land in return for a share of the crops produced.

Some landowners/planters took advantage of sharecroppers under this system due to ample opportunity to cheat the sharecropper. Early in US sharecropping, croppers were newly freed slaves (later would see the inclusion of poor whites). The sharecroppers received tools and goods from the landowners (the price of these taken out of their payment), with landowners dictating what was grown and croppers often in agreement to sell their portion of the crop back to the landowner with unethical price manipulation. Landowners also had the ability to threaten sharecroppers with ending their agreement and no way to earn a living or feed their families if they did not produce or operate as commanded.


The law of supply is defined as the willingness of producers to supply less of a good as the price of the good increases. TRUE



False, the quantity of goods goes in the same direction as the price of goods.
Ex. If you buy a increased amount of goods the price will increase as well.


1. How does water threaten human welfare? Or Why is it necessary to conserve water resources? Give reasons.


It is necessary to conserve water because:
It will help to protect the environment. By conserving water, you save it for fish and animals that depend on it.
It will protect drinking water supplies
It will help to eliminate water shortages resulting from over-consumption.
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