A graphical representation of all organizational jobs along with the numbers of employees currently occupying those jobs and future employment requirements is called: a. a staffing table.
b. an organization chart.
c. a skills inventory.
d. career planning.


Answer 1

A organization chart is the graphical representation of all organizational jobs along with the numbers of employees currently occupying those jobs.

The organizational chart refers to a diagram representation which shows the company's job roles, responsibilities and relationships.

The organizational chart shows the graphical arrangement of the jobs in a firm, number of current employees and their positions.

The organizational chart enables the staffs to have a proper idea and information of the organisation.

In conclusion, the Option A. is correct.

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Answer 2


a.  a staffing table.


A staffing table -

It refers to the pictorial or the graphical arrangement of the jobs in a firm , where the number of current employees working and their positions and the number of any future vacancy all are represented , is referred to as a staffing table.

It enables the people to get proper idea and information of the organisation or the company .

Hence , from the information of the question,

The correct option is a.  a staffing table.

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why and how is the job market for administrative professionals growing or declining? what effect do you think the economy and technologyhave had on this field?



The technology will grow until 2022, and our job will have definitely improved by making it easier to communicate to our customers and by providing managers with jobs that managers have been paid less.

The job market for management workers has risen since the economic downturn in the 2008-2009 recessions.

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Debit to Income Summary for $100,000

        Credit to E smith, Capital for $30,000

        Credit to N Patel for $70,000


The income summary account will have a credit balance as it stores a net gain for 100,000. to closed we need to debited.

the capital accounts will icnrease according to how the partners agree to distribute gain and losses:

30% Smiths and 70% Patel

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100,000 x 70% = 70,000 Patel Capital increase

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Also because debit = credit

Also, we already posted 100,000 in the debit for income summary


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The eleven categories are

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Job security is better now than it was 50 years ago.

true or false??

need help now!!


true... because we have better technology and training options

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