Explain Burger's statement "A president and those who assist him must be free to explore alternatives in a way many would be unwilling to express except privately." How did the court interpret executive privilege?​


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Burger’s statement shows that the President's secrets are different than that of an average citizen. The court interpreted executive privilege as the president withholding information that the court deserves to have.


Warren E Burger served as the 15th chief justice of the United States of America in the period of 1969-1986. Chief Justice Burger dealt with the origins of executive privilege.

The origins about the executive privilege come from the constitution. Burger says that the court is the commentator of the constitution; it means that the court is responsible to determine the privileges of the president. Burger says that the President's secrets are different from that of the average citizen.

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How did new laws change u.s. immigration policy in the 1920s answers?


The new laws changed the United States immigration policy in the 1920s as it introduced the Quota system.  

Further Explanations:

During the 1920s, rapid industrial development and urbanization in the United State was at its peak and as a result of its around 20 million immigrants arrived to the nation . Some entered in hunt of  religious freedom and some in search of financial opportunity. Most of them belonged to  Europe and China and were willing to do any job.  They adopted  almost all kinds of jobs  even the openings of the Whites.

Ellis Island, the  busiest immigration Inspection Centre functioned amid  1892 to 1894. About 12 million migrants ventured into the nation from “Ellis Island”. The increasing number of migrants created a lot of tension in the society as they are taking away the opportunities of the whites. To avoid further tension the “quota system” was  introduced  to limit the arrival of migrants to the nation. One such act  or system was the “Chinese Exclusion Act” enforced  in 1882,  restricting Chinese migrants settling in  the United States.

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it introduced a quota to the system


If you wanted to find your exact location, which new technology in geography could use a system of satellite signals and receivers to help you?


I believe it is a GPS!

Why did qing dynasty come to an end?


The qing dynasty lost the mandate of heaven because of the opium wars this made the Chinese people feel this way and lose loyalty to the rulers and the boxer rebellion had weakened China. Then China lost the opium wars and Britain took parts of China. Then China tried to hold its broken society together for another decade until it came to an end and the republic of China was established.

Why did the craft guilds form in the middle ages? 1.To eliminate the growing number of merchant guilds in European towns.
2. To address religious and political corruption.
3.To eliminate competition between artisans.
4.To provide structure and support for artisans who shared who shared a trade.


The craft guilds formed in the middle ages : To provide structure and support for artisans who shared a trade

A Craft Guild back then acted similarly with present day production house, who provide the platform for the artists and help them distribute their arts

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Why did the craft guilds form in the middle ages?

Answer: To provide structure and support for artisans who shared a trade.

The craft guild formed an important part of town life during the medieval period because they trained young people in a skilled job, regulated the quality of goods sold, and were major forces in community life. There were three stages for a craft guild: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master.

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