compare the excerpt from Wilson’s “the new freedom” with Roosevelts explanation of the square deal. How was Wilson’s rhetoric different?


Answer 1

Wilson warned that New Nationalism represented collectivism while New Freedom advocated for political and economic freedom from things like trusts when he introduced his agenda (powerful monopolies).

How were the new freedom and the square different?

During the Great War, Franklin Roosevelt, a prominent Democrat, worked as Wilson's assistant secretary of the navy.

In terms of labor reform, tariffs, and antitrust, these two schemes are comparable. They employed schemes like Roosevelt's Square Deal and Wilson's New Freedom to improve American thrift, society, and politics.

If these three reforms were adopted, according to Wilson, monopolistic domination would disappear and freedom would be restored. There were no measures for social justice changes in the New Freedom agenda.

Wilson said that people merely wanted the competition to return so that the free enterprise system could function and people could prosper, not that the government should take care of them.

Both Theodore Roosevelt's "Square Deal" and Woodrow Wilson's "New Freedom were reform initiatives. Compared to Wilson, who mostly concentrated on the economy, Roosevelt was more of progressive and addressed more reform-related issues.

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Answer 2

Is there a picture that can be shown?

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