What is the simplest form of the square root of 100x36


Answer 1

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A certain theater has 100 balcony seats. For every $2 increase in the price of a balcony seat above $10, 5 fewer seats will be sold. If all the balcony seats are sold when the price of each seat is $10, which of the following could be the price of a balcony seat if the revenue from the sale of balcony seats is $1,360 ?A. $12B. $14C. $16 D. $17E. $18



The correct option is C) $16.

Step-by-step explanation:

Consider the provided information.

Let R1 = $1000 revenue if price per seat is $10 and number of seats are 100.

Let R2 = $1360 revenue if price increase every time by $2 and 5 lesser number of seats sold that every time.  

Hence, for R2,

x is the number of seat increase by $2.

n is the number of times 5 lesser seats are sold when each time the price is increased by $2.

The revenue increased by = $1360-$1000 = $360

Now,  x = n since every time the price is increased, lesser number of seats are sold and this is attributed to the increased revenue.

The number of times the price is increased by $2 is 2x.

The number of times 5 lesser seats are sold is 5n.

2x × 5n = 360

10xn = 360

xn = 36

As mentioned above, x = n

Hence x² = 36

Therefore, x =  6

Neglect the negative value of  x, as the price is increased,

Thus, $6 should be increased in $10.

The new price during is = 10+6 = $16.

Hence, the correct option is C) $16.


The given angle is in standard position. Determine the quadrant in which the angle lies. -25° A. Quadrant III

B. Quadrant II

C. Quadrant IV

D. Quadrant I


The terminal end of the angle has dropped 25° under the x-axis.
That's Quadrant-IV .
The answer is C. quadrant IV

Six candles cost $15.00. How many candles can you buy for $22.50?


9 candles because u have to divide 15 by 6 then divide 22.50 by the answer
15.00\ 6= 2.50=1 candle 22.50\2.50= 9 candles

How do you cut a 14" pizza into three pieces of equal area, using just two parallel cuts?


If it's a square, you find one third of the way down from one side and 2 thirds of the way down from that same side. (so sqrt(14)/3 would be 1/3, assuming 14 is the area of the pizza). Cut there
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