According to conflict theory, which option would a capitalist economy favor? A. nonprofit organizations
B. educational Institutions
C. manufacturing Industries
D. psychiatric centers
E. charitable organizations


Answer 1




Manufacturing Industries will be favored by conflict theory.

The more products are being manufactured, the more money and control the manufacturing companies will have over the society. This control will lead into power.

Answer 2


C) manufacturing industries


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What is the basic difference between Socrates' views of the good life and Buddha's? Support your answer with an argument.


Answer: Socrates's views are more about self knowledge and choosing to live a virtues life whereas Buddha's views are more about why we suffer and how can we eliminate that .


Buddha deals with the following :

Living a life without suffering and we can obtain that buy getting rid of desires through being guided by the four noble truths and eightfold path.

These can bring more life wisdom


Suggest that we need to examine our life through questioning things and choosing virtue , always ask question in order to establish self knowledge.

Socrates view is based on the following principles a person shall not return evil with evil but must always do good.

One shall not wrong the state and they must always do right by the state .

Buddha focuses on four nobles truth

Life means Dukkha ( suffering).

Suffering results from our cravings

This suffering can be eradicated

The way to the elimination of suffering is the Eightfold Path.

The Eightfold Path

These are divided into correct state of mind , ethical conduct and wisdom

If we speak right , understand things right , do right things are all mentioned in the eightfold that they may assist in achieving a life less of suffering .


What is the relationship between self-regulation and behavior modification? a. self-regulation is the process that enables individuals to accomplish behavior modification goals.
b. self-regulation is an internal form of behavior modification, which is generally external.
c. self-regulation is about understanding the self, while behavior modification is about changing others.
d. self-regulation is a responsibility, while behavior modification is a optional luxury.


The correct answer to the given question above would be option A. The relationship between self-regulation and behavior modification is that, self-regulation is the process that enables individuals to accomplish behavior modification goals. Self-regulation is the ability to monitor and control our own behaviors and emotions while behavior modification is alteration of one's behavioral patterns. Hope this answers your question. 


self-regulation is the process that enables individuals to accomplish behavior modification goals.



What type of awareness is a company practicing if it requires that all lights be shut off after leaving a room?


This company is practicing energy awareness.

In general, energy awareness is about understanding;

- how much energy is used ( directly and indirectly),

- what is it used for,

-where the energy comes from,

- the effects of using it ( depletion of resources, environmental impact ),

- what can be done to reduce energy consumption.

All lights out after leaving a room is a great example of a single measure of energy saving ( no lights on = no energy wasted ).  It is an easy change that can become a habit and it can also show the company workers that they have the power to make an immediate difference to their office's energy consumption.


The awnser would be enviromental so the previous awnser of energy awarness


you bought two new Cd's with the last $30 in your checking account, and your next payday is on Monday, what is the opportunity cost of these CD's


Opportunity cost alludes to an advantage that a man could have gotten, yet offered up, to make another course of move. The open door cost of these CDs is burning through $30 on supper and a motion picture with your companions this Saturday night.

The correct answer is 30$.

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