The concept of determinism is often in conflict with the concept of _______________.


Answer 1

The correct answer is  free will

Explanation:  Free will is the doctrine that states that man is autonomous and responsible for his actions.

Radical determinism asserts that free will is incompatible with the conception of a world governed by causal laws. All the phenomena of the universe can be explained according to the causes. In the same circumstances, the same causes produce the same effects. Hence, all beings constituted by matter, including the human being and all that concerns him, are subject to this principle of causality, that is, all our behavior is constrained and predictable.

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True or False
All maps contain inaccuracies.


This statement is true
True. Most maps in school are very inaccurate. 

Seniority systems: a. were outlawed under Title VII. b. are violations of the Age Discrimination Act. c. can be valid if they are not used to perpetuate past discrimination. d. none of the above



c. can be valid if they are not used to perpetuate past discrimination.


Seniority system is a system prevalent at a workplace that gives preference to the employees according to the length of service provided (seniority) o the company. The system provides certain kinds of benefits like reward, promotion or job security based on the length of the service of the employee. It is not illegal because it does not prevent someone to achieve benefits but it gave first preference to those who were serving the longest with the firm to achieve those benefits. Therefore it is different from age discrimination based on one's age.


Select the most appropriate opening for a direct claim letter when the remedy is obvious. 1. Please send me a full refund for the Stratus Balance Ball I recently purchased on your website. Yesterday, the Balance Ball box arrived empty.
2. Please consider my request. I recently purchased a Stratus Balance Ball through your website. The box came yesterday, but there was no Balance Ball inside. I would like a refund, please.
3. I recently purchased a Stratus Balance Ball. The box arrived empty yesterday. When I opened the box, I expected to find the ball, but there was only a hand pump in the box. Because I did not receive the actual Balance Ball, I would like a full refund.


Answer: 1. Please send me a full refund for the stratus balance ball I recently purchased on your website. Yesterday, the balance ball box arrived empty.


A request for refund should not always be too soft, if too soft then it doesn't show how disappoint and aggrieved you are. Though your lines of respect should always be observed.

A claim letter for refund of payment should not be a letter for request consideration. Since the claim is obvious, then it's not a request for consideration.

When an item was been delivered in place of the item you requested. It shouldn't be a request for direct refund it should be a request to, take back their item and refund your money after or immediately.

The first statement is best for a direct refund letter. Because it shows a peaceful but unsatisfied mode, and it doesn't show more of pleading. It was direct to the point.


Which colonists were overthrown by the Mau Mau rebellion?


The answer is British .
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