If you’d like to have multiple italicized words in your document ,how would our change the font of each of these words?


Answer 1


If you need to do this open word document, and select the whole content, and in fact of all pages, and click Ctrl + F. Now click on more options on down left corner. Now select the font, and then the italic option from there, plus font size if you know. Also, mention the word. Thus, now we have the italic data, and we have the new font. Now click ok. The changes will be made. And that's it you are done.


The answer is self explanatory.

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Why might your digital footprint be important when you are applying for collage


Your digital footprint is important because if you post inappropriate pictures, language, and etc., then the college will be able to see that on your digital footprint. Digital footprint is basically your internet history. To keep your digital footprint clean. Make sure before you post pictures, ask yourself, “Would I be ok if Grandma saw this?” and if you she would be ok with it then you can post it. Another way to keep it clean is by staying away from social media which is hard but it will help in the future. Basically don’t do anything inappropriate on the internet.
The college boards like to do there research and check up on there students. So whether it be your facebook page or instagram, twitter etc... they see what you have been up to. 

When communicating a complex idea, what is most important? to present the most exciting points first
to include as many technical details as possible
to present your ideas in an organized fashion
to use very short words and abbreviations


When communicating a complex idea, the most important thing to do is to present your ideas in an organized fashion.

What is a complex idea?

A complex idea is an idea that is made up of other minute interconnected ideas that requires intrinsic knowledge to understand.

When you have a complex idea that you would love to communicate to another person, there is need to organise your thoughts in such a way that the clarity ot the information would be understood.

Learn more about communication here:


To present your ideas in an organized fashion.

Which function returns the least value of a given set of numbers or range of cells? OA ROUND


MIN returns the least value of a given set of numbers or range of cells



In MS-excel there are many inbuilt functions are available. Each function is used to either select cell or series  of cells or return the value to specific value.

ROUND :- These is inbuilt function which returns  round value for selected cell or selected range cell.

=Round(5.6) returns 6.

COUNT: - These are inbuilt function gives count of selected range of cell.

=COUNT (a1-A10)

NOW: - In excel it is inbuilt function it returns date and time of the system

MIN :- In Excel it is inbuilt function give minimum value for selected range of cell . (Least value from range cells)


Stuart wants to delete some text from a slide. What should Stuart do? A. From the Review tab, choose Highlight text and then press the Delete key
B. Highlight the text to be deleted and press the Alt key
C. Highlight the text to be deleted, right-click and choose Cut
D. Choose the Home tab and delete the text 


Go to the slide and use backspace to delete the text. He answer is A.
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