Which word would be the BEST addition to the set of words below. greedy, deceive,revenge,rude

A. flannel
B. generous
C. selfish
D. wholesome


Answer 1




These words are all unhappy words so the one that would best fit that set would also have to be unhappy.

flannel: Typical clothing for farm life

generous: that is helpful and giving

selfish: caring only about ones' self

wholesome: feeling conducive to or suggestive of good health and physical well-being

the only one that follows the unhappy set is selfish

Answer 2


it is C. selfish

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What is the first consideration when writing a letter? a. recipient and purpose
b. tone and mood
c. font and format
d. content and grammar


A recipient and purpose
of what i think. then why write a letter? u need a purpose.
the tone might be sad because a person u knw passed away and u r writing an invitation letter for a funeral.
font doesnt matter, everybody has different handwritng.
grammar doesnt matter to beacause u might not be fluent in that specific language.

The answer would be A !! 

Whats another word for internet?


World Wide Web or web


Other words for internet are World Wide Web (WWW), computer network, data network, and cyberspace.



Part A  How does Black Hawk use rhetoric in this excerpt to advance his purpose? 

The sun rose dim on us in the morning, and at night it sunk in a dark cloud, and looked like a ball of fire. That was the last sun that shone on Black Hawk.

A) He uses an extended metaphor to convey the magnitude of his sorrow about having to surrender.
B) He overstates the importance of his surrender to emphasize that there is a time for concession.
C) He uses figurative language and simile to give the audience a sense of what actually happened.
D) He repeats a word or expression to emphasize the importance of his personal feelings at a specific moment.

Part B
 How does the phrase "the last sun that shone" affect the tone of Black Hawk’s statement in Part A?

A) It creates sentimentality as an era passes.
B) It establishes urgency as time is running out.
C) It conveys finality and hopelessness about the future.
D) It creates fear based on the physical chill implied.


1. I would say the correct answer is A) He uses an extended metaphor to convey the magnitude of his sorrow about having to surrender. Sun is the extended metaphor here; it depicts their faltering hope and future that doesn't exist. True, there is a simile in the passage, but it doesn't mark the passage semantically and stylistically as this metaphor does.

2. In my opinion, the correct answer is C) It conveys finality and hopelessness about the future. As I said, the sun here is a metaphor for their happiness and prosperity. That was the last time Black Hawk was able to actually see the sun, and he will never be able to do it again, as his people are definitely defeated and cast off their lands. 

What Is The Purpose In The story Of Orpheus?


The transpired between Orpheus, the Gods and Eurydice is the purpose of writing the story of Orpheus.

It also aims to present how love can make mountains to move, even Eurydice death did not hinder or stop Orpheus to continue loving her and even seeking ways to redeem her life and resume their love story.

It also shows that that when things are not meant to be, it is not going to be. 

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