Jean rushes to help Sam, who just got hurt at the skate park. Create at least four lines of effective dialogue between them that are punctuated and capitalized correctly, and include taglines.


Answer 1

Below is the effective lines of dialogue between Jean and Sam, who is hurt at the skatepark:

Jean: Hey bro, are you all right?

Sam: No, mate. I'm hurt in my ankle. Do you have any pain killers on you?

Jean: Yes, I've got a pill. Here, let me help you up.

Sam: Thanks, mate. I appreciate this.

An effective dialogue is one where two or more speakers have a conversation and communication in an efficient manner.

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Answer 2


JEAN... "Oh my god Sam, are you OK?"

SAM... "No... I got hurt really badly!"

JEAN... "OK uh... do you need ice or something to help your pain?"

SAM... "Yes, that'll be nice."


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