In what way did realists try to portray life? A. as objectively as possible
B. as subjectively as possible
C. as happily as possible
D. as depressingly as possible


Answer 1
Answer: Good Morning! Unlike the surrealists, the realists intend to produce the most faithful art possible to reality, always seeking to reproduce what is seen with quality and clarity. There is no intention of altering, printing critiques or subjectivities, but simply expressing what is, as it is. Thus, we can state that the answer is: a) as objectively as possible. Hugs!
Answer 2

The answer is A: as objectively as possible.

Realism in the arts is a tendency that has been present in them in almost all the periods of culture. However, in literature, it is widely accepted that an art form, all of its own, was born at around the middle of the 19th century —with artists like Stendhal— and lasting all the way through the beginning of the 20th century —with artists such as Benito Pérez Galdós.

It is a literary movement that is characterized by the author´s efforts to depict reality as objectively as possible, aiming at portraying everyday life and common quotidian activities (often those of the middle or lower classes) without romantic idealization of dramatization.

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Pedro wanted his note to be a secret. Accordingly, he went about putting the message into code. A.He encrypted the message.
B.He used cryptanalyst on the message.
C.He deciphered the message with a key.
B.He broke the code of the message.


The answer is a. He encrypted the message.

To synthesize means to A. pull together ideas from your reading assignments, class lectures, and your own experience. B. record lecture notes while checking social media. C. coordinate reading assignments with lecture notes. D. ask an instructor about required reading.


The correct meaning of synthesize is option A) "pull together ideas from your reading assignments, class lectures, and your own experience."

The word synthesize, when referring to writing, means to put separate ideas or facts into a whole. To synthesize is to combine different things into a single piece of work such as a book.

Another accepted meaning of the word is used in the chemistry field and it means "to combine substances chemically to produce another one."


What story has to do with a golden touch of the story the power of wow


Well, when you say Golden Touch, the Greek myth of Midas automatically popped into my head. However, I have no idea what the power of wow is??

Why was odysseus called out to adventure?


The heroic journey begins with the “call to adventure” which is made to a reluctant hero. Odysseus undergoes his a 10-year journey against his will. (kind of. See below.) If he had his druthers, he’d have happily gone straight back to Ithaca after the Trojan War. (Which is not to say he didn’t take some long vacations along the way — e.g., spending one year with Circe and five with Calypso.)

Once the hero embarks on his journey, he enters the “realm of adventure.” In this realm, the hero encounters things he ordinarily wouldn’t: Circe’s magic, the island of Calypso, the Cyclopes, the Phaeacians, etc. In the realm of adventure, the hero will have helpers such as Athena and Nausicaa and face hindrances such as Polyphemus, the Sirens and Poseidon.

One requisite part of the heroic journey is a trip to the Underworld. In Greek myth the hero literally visits the underworld. Odysseus did it; Heracles did it; Theseus did it. In modern iterations of the heroic journey such as “City Slickers” and “Joe versus the Volcano” the hero more realistically faces the possibility of his own death.

Eventually the hero returns from the Realm of Adventure to the “real world.” Upon arriving in the real world, the hero will find trouble there, as well. The final task of the hero on his journey is to overcome this trouble. His adventures up to this point will have been such that they help the hero set things right back home. In Odysseus’ case, he learns from Agamemnon’s negative example to return home in disguise before announcing his presence. He has 108 suitors to deal with — he can’t just barge in, guns blazing, as it were.

While in disguise, Odysseus recruits the help of his son, Telemachus. Together, with the help of Athena, they are able to defeat the suitors who have (more of less) taken over his household. It is important to note that Telemachus undertakes his own heroic journey in Books 1–4. It is only after his journey that he becomes capable of helping Odysseus fight the suitors and regain control of Ithaca.

Odysseus had to come home from the Trojan war but the journey was his adventure
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