Who tells the story and how it is told are known as? A.)theme
B.)first person
C.)point of view


Answer 1
Answer: The answer would be C. Point of view
Answer 2


its c

can you give me brainliest pls i need it

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Find one word or homograph to fit the three meanings in each group. Opposite of left, correct, a true claim


The opposite of left is right, correct also could be said as right, and a true claim is the right answer. Basically, a homograph is one word that has multiple meanings.

What is an indirect and direct characterization of dr shlemiel


I have no idea who Dr. Shlemiel is, but I can define what direct and indirect characterization.

Direct is when the narrator tells the audience about a certain characteristic the character has, such as,

"Bill is tall."

Indirect is when the narrator shows the audience rather than being "direct" about describing that character.

Hopefully this helps. I have no idea who that is.


I need to stop at several places, including: the bank, the grocery store, and the dry cleaners. Which best explains why the colon after "including” should be removed?

A. The colon does not introduce a list of items and is therefore unnecessary.
B. The introductory text in the sentence cannot stand alone.
C. Colons are only used to introduce lists composed of more than three items.
D. Colons are not used to introduce lists of items in sentences.


The statement that best explains the colon stated after the word 'including' should be removed as the introductory text is not seemed to be stand alone.

Option B is correct.

What is stand alone sentence?

A sentence is said to be standalone when it is having a context or topic or where there is neither of it. It simply means the sentence which could be used individually.

Colon is the mark having two black dots placed vertically in a sentence. It is used when the text being written before the colon sign is entirely complete in itself. It should be removed from the sentence as the text placed before the colon, that is, the line stating I need to stop at several places including is not complete. The word including created a sense of incompleteness if the colon is used.

Therefore, the introductory text is not complete due to which the colon sign should not be placed.

Learn more about the colon in the related link:



B. The introductory text in the sentence cannot stand alone.

A colon can only be used when the text before the colon can stand alone as a complete sentence. The text before the colon is "I need to stop at several places, including". Including causes this sentence to be a fragment and therefore the colon is not grammatically correct. Options A, B, and C are all incorrect statements about colons.


which sentence has the strongest connotative effect? a. he continued to bother her b. he continued to irritate her c. he continued to torment her d. he continued to annoy her


B. Because irritate is the secondary meaning of annoy or bother.

"He continued to torment her" Is the answer.

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