PLEASE HELP ME Tony bought a desktop computer and a laptop computer. Before finance charges, the laptop cost $450 more than the desktop. He paid for the computers using two different financing plans. For the desktop the interest rate was 9% per year, and for the laptop it was 6 % per year. The total finance charges for one year were $300

. How much did each computer cost before finance charges?


Answer 1


Laptop: $2,270

Desktop: $1,820

Step-by-step explanation:

Let L identify the laptop price and D the desktop price.

We can first say:

L = D + 450 ( the laptop cost $450 more than the desktop)

Then we can say:

0.09 D + 0.06 L = 300 (The total finance charges for one year were $300)

Then we substitute L by its value from first equation into the second equation:

0.09 D + 0.06 (D + 450) = 300

0.09 D + 0.06 D + 27 = 300

0.15D = 273 (removed 27 on both sides, and simplified left side)

D = 1,820

The cost of the desktop was $1,820

The cost of the laptop was $2,270 (price of desktop + $450)

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A high school educational researcher interviews 50 randomly selected high school female teachers and 50 randomly selected high school male teachers is called___________.



Stratified Sampling

Step-by-step explanation:

The given scenario corresponds to stratified sampling because the population is divided in to two strata and from each stratum a random sample of 50 teacher is selected. The stratified sampling involves the selection of random sample of sampling units from the strata constructed by dividing diverse population into similar groups. Here. in the given statement the population is "High School Teachers" which is divide into two strata "Male high school teacher" and "female high school teacher" and then selecting a random sample of size 50 from each stratum.

Hence the given situation corresponds to Stratified Sampling.



A 10x -12


4x+6 (3x ) - 12 = 4x +6 *3 x - 12 
                          = 4x +18 x - 12
                          = 22 x -12

A hot air balloon can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. The balloon's pilot weighs 140 pounds. How many 20-pound bags of sand (b) can also be carried by the hot air balloon? Check all that apply.


Answer: 0,5,8

Step-by-step explanation:

8 20 pound bags of sand

Fran swims at a speed of 2.6 mph in still water. The Lazy River flows at a speed of 0.4 mph. How long will it take Fran to swim 1.1 mi​ upstream? 1.1 mi​ downstream?



Upstream = 0.5 hour.

Downstream = 0.366 hour.

Step-by-step explanation:

Speed of fram in still water (u) = 2.6 mph.

Speed of water (v) = 0.4 mph .

Time taken by fran to swim 1.1 mi upstream.

Speed upstream = u - v = (2.6 - 0.4)  mph = 2.2 mph

So the time taken = = 0.5 hour.

Time taken by fran to swim 1.1 mi downstream.

Speed downstream = u + v = (2.6 + 0.4) mph = 3 mph .

So the time taken = =  0.366 hour .

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