Difference between Folding and Faulting.(Geography)


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Folding is when the Earth's crust bends. Folding occurs under compression when forces act towards each-other such as when plates collide.

Faulting on the other hand is a crack in the Earth's crust. Faults usually form the boundaries between the Earth's tectonic plates

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What did the Sons of Liberty do?



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The war crimes trials of German and Japanese officials after World War II demonstrate the
principle that
(1) only nations can be considered responsible
for actions during war
(2) international law may not be applied to
national leaders
(3) nations have the authority to suspend human
(4) leaders can be held accountable for crimes
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The last answer is correct: many German and Japanese officers were tried and found guilty, and sentenced to death, and the sentence was executed: this shows that leaders can be held accountable  for crimes against humanity

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The major grievance was taxes and destruction of their land. They had to pay huge taxes which included giving the produce they made. Their land got ruined because they could never let it rest or let it recuperate or enrich the soil, and they had to give so much, so they wanted for it to stop.

What part of the united states did the dust bowl affect most directly?


The Southern Plains suffered the most direct effects of the Dust Bowl. Thus, 'Southern Plains' is the correct answer.

Who was most directly affected by the Dust Bowl?

The panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma, northern New Mexico, southeast Colorado, and southwest Kansas were the regions most severely impacted. The Dust Bowl has come to represent the struggles faced by the whole country in the 1930s, even though it legally corresponds to the western third of Kansas, southeast Colorado, the Oklahoma Panhandle, the northern two-thirds of the Texas Panhandle, and northeastern New Mexico.

The duration of Dust Bowl lasted almost ten years. A recession following World War I caused the price of crops to decline. Farmers industrialized production and planted additional land to boost productivity. Without allowing the ground to go fallow and restore itself, the land was continuously planted and harvested. Without any vegetation to hold the dirt in place due to the dryness, it just blew away.

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The Dust Bowl affected the Southern Plains most directly.
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Players in any sport who are having great​ seasons, turning in performances that are much better than anyone might have​anticipated, often are pictured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.​ Frequently, their performances then falter​somewhat, leading some athletes to believe in a​ "Sports Illustrated​ jinx." Similarly, it is common for phenomenal rookies to have less stellar second​ seasons, the​ so-called "sophomore​ slump." While​ fans, athletes, and analysts have proposed many theories about what leads to such​ declines, a statistician might offer a simpler​(statistical) explanation. Explain. What would be a better explanation for the decrease in performance of the Sports Illustrated cover​ athlete? A. People on the cover are usually there for outstanding performances. Because they are so far from the​ mean, the performance in the next year is likely to be closer to the mean. B. The slope of the linear​ regression, predicting performance from years in the​ sport, must be negative because an​ athlete's performance always decreases over time. No matter how well an athlete performed one​ year, they must perform worse the next year. C. People on the cover are usually considered the best of the​year, so naturally they reached the maximum level of athletic performance that year and it is impossible to improve upon that. D. Once an athlete has made the cover of Sports​ Illustrated, they have reached their ultimate goal as an athlete and lack motivation to try the following year.