Which man did General Washington make the Chief Inspector of the colonial troops? Marquis de Lafayette
o Baron von Steuben
O Nathaniel Greene
George Rogers Clark


Answer 1


Baron von Steuben - first choice

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Which foreign power was blamed for the sinking of the uss maine on february 15 1898?


The correct answer is C) Spain.

The foreign power that was blamed for the sinking of the USS Maine on February 15, 1898, was Spain.

We are talking about the incident during the revolutionary war between Cuba and Spain. On the morning of February 15, 1898, the USS Maine ship was at the harbor of la Havana, the capital city of Cuba, when an explosion sank the ship and killed 260 US shipmen. The US accused Spain of the sinking and this was a cause that detonated the Spanish-American War.

The other options of the question were A) Great Britain. B) France. D) México.

Spain, they thought spain did it, spain hella spain.

Which groups did not share in the prosperity of the late 1800s? Choose all answers that are correct. a. slum dwellers
b. factory owners
c. immigrants
d. the middle class


In general it was the "slum dwellers" and the "immigrants" who did not share in the prosperity of the late 1800s, since these people were paid very low wages and treated poorly. 

the answer is slum dwellers and immigrants

hope this helps


Where was the battle for Texas independence against Mexico launched? A. Houston
B. Mexico City
C. the Alamo
D. the Overland Trail


I believe it was c. however im not entirely sure


The Answer is A.


Battle of San Jacinto near present day Houston, Texas


In general, you would expect the platform of a political party to A. determine the outcome of a general election. B. consist of party leaders called planks. C. lead to a national convention. D. guide the political issues of the party's candidate.


The correct answer is D. guide the political issues of the party's candidate.

A political platform is a set of beliefs possessed by a political party. These platforms are usually made up of issues that individuals within a political party feel strongly about. This can include government involvement in the economy, foreign relations, immigration policies, etc. Ultimately, a candidate should use the platform in order to guide their actions while in office.


D. Guide the political issues of the party's candidate is the correct answer.


The viewpoints and opinions held by the party about various issues are the component of political platform and it also affects the candidates as the campaign according to the issues mentioned in the party manifesto.

Further Explanation:

Republicans and Democrats are two major parties in United states and before each election they release their manifesto and declare what their stand is regarding various issues and how they plan to govern America if they come to power.  In America mostly two parties have been winning elections, third parties hardly received high percentages of votes. But they have been existing for a very long time.  The third parties are an option for the peoples dissent with the mainstream parties.  

American political parties are different from the parties around the world as the parties around the world are organized for promoting various political ideologies. American political parties are not ideological and their manifesto contain loose collaboration of interests as they seek to appeal to all sections of society.

The parties are organized at national, state and local level and nominate their presidential and vice presidential candidate every four years. The party meets before the election to decide the issues upon which its candidates will run for  the election. Platforms are the goals strategies and principles designed to address the political issues. The platforms are subdivided into declarations that talk about specific issue.

Both the party platforms and planks are important for the electoral process as it gives the candidates a clear political position for the campaign and allows voters to know what the candidates believes in and which issues they consider to be important, and the issues they would addressed once elected.

The party manifestos are important for any political party as it helps the people to understand what a party stands for. Party's candidates also use the manifesto during campaign.

The first known usage of this term was in 1535 and it is derived from Middle French word plate- form (Flat form).

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