Which goal of conservation fund is accomplished in part by saving the Three Sisters Springs A. Conserve Gulf oil
B. Conserve water
C. Conserve land
D. Conserve the Constitution


Answer 1

i remember learning this and i think it’s B, but i’m not totally sure

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Overriding desires that drive how we live our lives are called select one: a. self-confidence.
b. self-control.
c. self-values.
d. self-concept.
e. self-esteem.


They are called self-values


What idea did Nicolaus Copernicus put forth? A. Everything can be predicted with reasonable measurements. B. The force of gravity keeps planets in motion. C. Planets revolve around the sun. D. Saturn has rings around it.



C. Planets revolve around the sun.


Copernicus is the person that popularized Heliocentric model. This model stated that Sun is the center of the universe. Earth and other planets are the one that revolve around it.

His name became known to the public because he directly opposed the teaching of the Church which is held by most people at that time. The church taught that Earth is the center of the universe and tend to publicly scrutinize the people who contradict the church's teaching.


which one of the following actions should become an important part of your study schedule? a. studying only in large blocks of time at one sitting b. taking regular breaks from your studies to keep focused c. eliminating the activity in which you spend the most time d. finding out what works for others and then following the exact same schedule


I believe the response should be B.

Joseph and Marie have been married for 27 years, and have three children. Marie tends to employ an indulgent parenting style, while Joseph parents from an authoritative approach. According to the research of Milevsky and colleagues (2007), what is the likely outcome of these different parenting styles? a. Joseph's authoritative parenting will offset the negative impacts of Marie's indulgent parenting style.
b. Marie's indulgent parenting style will have damaging effects on the children, despite Joseph's authoritative style.
c. The older child is likely to develop negative outcomes due to the inconsistent parenting styles, but this will not be seen in the younger child.
d. The children are likely to develop very insecure attachments to both parents due to the inconsistencies in their parenting styles.





The children are likely to develop very insecure attachments to both parents due to the inconsistencies in their parenting styles.

According to the both parents style description children will be in an opposite environment, so, dialogue, sharing thoughts, and a lot of Sunday barbecues must be scheduled in order to have some balance in this family.

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