While defining the terms, explain how the traditions of indigenous Africans influenced their relations with Europeans?


Answer 1

Though many Africans suffered under European colonialism, Africans still made huge contributions in bringing some of their practices to the West.  In cuisine, music and even religion Africans injected their own culture and left a lasting impression on the West.

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Who won the battle of monmouth


The battle is generly taken as a draw


What were European powers doing to the rest of the world in the late 1800s and early 1900s


Many European Nations had slowly built their empire all over the world. Superpowers like Great Britain, Prussia, Russia and Austria had started to conquer their neighbouring countries.  Great Britain had expanded its territories all over the world. These nations aimed to expand their economies and extend their political territories all over the world.

Why is Don Quixote considered to be a humanist work? It includes characters modeled on classical figures. It includes a knight fighting for the Roman Republic. It celebrates individuality by giving realistic portrayals of humanity. It includes a journey to hell, purgatory, and heaven.


The correct answer is third statement. Don Quixote written by Miguel de Cervantes is considered to be humanist work because it celebrates individuality by giving realistic portrayals of humanity. Humanism is movement that puts man in the center of attention, emphasizing the value and moral of human beings, both individual and collective. Miguel de Cervantes tried to create Don Quixote to discuss human identity and morality.

C) It celebrates individuality by giving realistic portrayals of humanity.

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What date marked the beginning of americas involvement in ww2?


December 7th, 1941 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, that’s when America decided to step in
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The answer to your question is 7th December,1941 on the Pearl Habour.
And 405,399 Americans were killed in action while 671,278 Americans were severely wounded.

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1. Fingerprints may be resolved into three large, general groups of patterns: the arch, the loop, and the ____. a. bulbs. b. ridge. c. radial. 2. In 1990, the FBI began a pilot project called _____, which stores DNA profiles from across the country in a series of local, state, and national databases, all linked via computers. a. IAFIS b. CJIS c. CODIS d. NDIS 3. Impressions produced by the ridged skin on human fingers, palms, and soles of the feet are _____ prints. a. plastic b. latent c. visible d. dust 4. What is the most commonly used facial composite software in the United States? a. FACES b. Identi-Kit 2000 c. CompuSketch d. SuspectID 5. What is the most significant breakthrough in forensic science since the development of fingerprinting? a. ballistics tests b. handwriting analysis c. DNA profiling d. investigative psychology 6. What is the process of identifying psychological and social characteristics surrounding the crime as well as the manner in which it was committed? a. psychological profiling b. criminal investigative analysis c. investigative psychology d. case linkage 7. DNA typing was first described in 1985 by English geneticist a. James Watson. b. Edward Southern. c. Francis Crick. d. Alec Jeffreys. 8. crime lab’s DNA analysis unit examination and characterization of body fluid is conducted through __________ serological techniques. a. traditional b. modern c. classical d. neoclassical 9. MitoSearch is a software package used by crime labs to compile and analyze a. the mtDNA database. b. criminal histories. c. arms and ammunition d. ink and print traces. 10. Two standards have been used to govern the admission of scientific evidence: the _____ test and the Frye test. a. relevancy b. Daubert Standard c. eliminaton d. reliability prong